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Let's find your perfect bashing beast! RC Bashers are built to run fearlessly through rough terrain, excelling in endurance tests of all kinds - spins, sprints, jumps and wheelies. If you were born to bash, you've come to the right place.

Born to Bash

You're holding a radio-control transmitter in your fist. There's a hot-looking four-wheeler at your feet. Out front, you see nothing but rugged, untraveled terrain. What do you do?

You're a basher, so it's obvious — punch that throttle and cut some tracks!

RC driving is often divided into two types: racing and bashing. Racers like rules. For RC bashers, anything goes. Almost any RC car or truck can be a basher model, the sturdier the better. Run it fearlessly into the rough, through spins and sprints, jumps and wheelies, endurance tests of all kinds…just you and your RC basher against the world.

Horizon Hobby has many radio-control vehicles that are perfect for this kind of free-for-all fun. If you were born to bash, you've come to the right place. Let's find your perfect bashing beast!

Find Your Perfect Basher

Need Help? Let us guide you to a great RC car or truck with everything you want in your ideal basher vehicle! First we'll ask you a few simple questions. Upon asking the last question in a series, you'll be automatically directed to a list of bashers selected just for you.

Vehicle Types

example product: 1/8 KRATON 6S BLX 4WD Brushless Speed Monster Truck RTR

You can "bash" with buggies, truggies, scalers, rock crawlers, rock racers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, monster trucks…practically any on- or off-road vehicle that's built for toughness. Continue your search by vehicle type.


example products: 3 basher vehicles of various size

Whether you're looking for a small RC vehicle to bash indoors or something BIG to take on tough outdoor challenges, you'll find radio-control bashers in a wide variety of sizes at Horizon Hobby. See your choices organized by scale.


example product: Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 2.0 4WD Short Course Truck Gas BND, Grey/Blue/White (LOS05014T1)

Basher RC models are available in every power type commonly used for radio-control vehicles — nitro, gasoline, brushed or brushless electric motors. Each has its own advantages. If you have a preference, shop for your basher by power type.


example product: Team Losi Racing (TLR) 1/10 22 5.0 2WD Buggy DC Race Kit, Dirt/Clay (TLR03016)

As with full-size vehicles, 2WD and 4WD drivetrains in RC basher models each serve particular driving styles and environments. If you know where you'll be bashing and what drivetrain will be best, narrow your search quickly by starting here.