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You can drive with RC buggies, truggies, drifters, rock crawlers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, lowriders, monster trucks…practically any on- or off-road RC vehicle. Continue your search for the best RC vehicle by type here.

RC monster trucks make very versatile. Race, climb trails, run up and down the street — a radio-controlled monster truck can do it all!

Scalers and rock crawlers climb over and through rough terrain that stops other RC vehicles. They love the challenge of getting past outrageous obstacles.

RC rock racers are rugged but nimble. They’re made for courses that combine high-speed flats with steep hills, rocks, jumps, and other challenges.

With their low ground clearance, RC stadium trucks handle easily on dirt tracks and pavement. They can jump well and take quite a beating, too.

RC short course trucks are right at home racing and backyard driving. Wide tires let them run on a variety of surfaces, and full-fendered bodies keep them right-side-up.

RC buggies are off-road vehicles with features of both cars and trucks. They’re designed to take abuse, making them perfect for backyard driving.

RC truggies make great vehicles, especially if you want an off-road truck with a little more racing speed than monster trucks provide.

RC on-road cars are engineered for running on smooth paved surfaces, rather than leaping and plowing into the dirt.