Shop by Motor Type

Radio-controlled models can use a variety of power types. Those with electric motors require less maintenance and are more beginner-friendly. Vehicles with gasoline or nitro engines offer realistic sound and never need to have batteries recharged. Each power type has its advantages. If you have a preference, browse our vehicle selection organized here by power.

RC Gas Cars & Trucks

These RC cars and trucks use engines that run on the same unleaded gasoline that powers full-size automobile engines. Gas-powered cars tend to be BIG — 1/5 scale or larger.


Though often referred to as "gas powered," RC cars with nitro (or glow) engines require a special fuel blended from methanol, nitromethane, and oil for lubrication.


Electric radio-controlled vehicles powered by brushed motors are easy to maintain and usually the most affordable choices.

Brushless motors last longer and are more powerful than brushed styles, making them good choices for RC electric cars if you’re able to spend a little more.