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Electric Boats Action Shot
Electric Boats
Electric boats are cleaner, easier to maintain, and quieter than fuel-powered boats. Their run time is limited, but their higher speeds and affordability make electric boats the more popular option.
Catamaran RC Boats by Pro Boat
Catamaran Boats
Modeled after offshore race boats, catamarans are a good choice for both sport and racing. They run best in smooth water conditions but can also handle a bit of rough water.
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Monohull RC Boats by Pro Boat
Monohull Boats
Monohulls, or more commonly referred to as V-Hulls, are the best choice for beginners. These boats are not only fast but also stable, so they are great for handling waves.
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Hydroplane RC Boats by Pro Boat
Hydroplane Boats
Hydroplanes are typically for the more advanced RC racer, and are the best for oval racing. They must be run on smooth water, as they do not handle waves as well as a Deep-V.
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Self-Righting RC Boats by Pro Boat
Self-Righting Boats
Designed to be as stable as possible with a self-righting feature if your boat goes belly up in the water. When you activate the throttle, the boat flips back over in a matter of seconds.
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Scale Boats
Scale RC boats are replicas of full-size boats that include realistic scale details and trim schemes. They come in a variety of different boat types, sizes, and completion levels.
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All Boats
Don't have a particular boat type in mind? Explore ready-to-run (RTR) and kit boats by popular RC brands Pro Boat and Dumas. View all of our RC Boats here!

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Explore our great selection of RC Boats. We have the best boats and boat accessories in RC by brands like Pro Boat, Spektrum, Dynamite, and Dumas. We carry a wide selection of batteries, chargers, accessories, and replacement parts to go along with your next RC Boat.
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