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Spektrum NX transmitters
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Now's the time to buy! Earn 4X points on the NX series - All RC Club members eligible. Sign up is FREE!
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Spektrum iX20 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter
Earn BIG with the iX20
Now is the time to buy - RC Club Members earn 4X Points on Smart capable transmitters. Look forward to a top of the line flying experience while earning BIG points to be used as discounts towards future purchases.
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Spektrum Smart Technology G2 Batteries
4X on Spektrum Smart G2 Batteries
Earn 4X points on all Spektrum Smart Technology - including our line of G2 Smart batteries.
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DX5 Rugged 5-Channel DSMR Radio
Spektrum DX5 Rugged
Spektrum DX5 Rugged redefines radio control with unmatched innovation and durability that no basher or boater will want to be without.
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Spektrum Smart Technology

Spektrum Smart Technology

Get peak performance out of your favorite models - Spektrum Smart Technology is about offering a higher connection to your hobby. It's a connection that puts you in complete control, makes you more aware and more confident about the capability of your equipment—all while making vital components of your model easier to use than ever. The combined result is a sense that will make you wish everything about your hobby was smarter.

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