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The Losi Promoto-MX isn't the first scale RC motorcycle that's ever been sold, but it is the first one that accurately reproduces the full experience of riding a real motorcycle or dirt bike. From the realism of the handling and control to its agility and versatility while maintaining balance, the Losi Promoto-MX RC motorcycle was designed from the ground up to fulfill the long-awaited dreams of remote control hobbyists, motorcycle enthusiasts, and dirt bike fans alike. With the Promoto-MX, the realism runs deeper than its faithfully detailed looks — the narrow frame, the rider with authentic riding gear, and the officially licensed graphics. More important is the accurate performance, accomplished through a unique hybrid of mechanical and electronic technology that lets you drive like never before.


Losi product developers teamed up with the engineers at Spektrum RC, innovators of AS3X and SAFE, to reinvent those stabilization technologies not only for a surface vehicle, but one with only two wheels that requires balance to work. Patent-pending Spektrum MS6X continuously calculates bike's positioning relative to gravity, takes into account the inputs from the transmitter, and gives the proper outputs to throttle and steering to push the bike towards the correct desired positioning. The mechanical technology is just as impressive. For example, stopping distance was cut in half by joining the traditional rear-wheel brake with a cable-driven front braking system. The new technology all works behind the scenes to give the Promoto-MX performance superior to any previous RC motorcycle.

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Scale Realism

The Promoto-MX turns your dirt bike racing dreams into reality by capturing the thrill of riding full-size bikes with unprecedented accuracy. The Losi product development team went the extra mile to successfully reproduce true dirt bike performance using innovative mechanical and electronic technologies that are new not only to RC motorcycles, but to the entire RC industry. The detailed scale appearance of the Promoto-MX heightens the excitement with a realistic rider figure, officially licensed graphics, true to scale chain drive, officially licensed Dunlop MX53 tires on spoke wheels, and much more.

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Knowing the Promoto-MX would exceed eight pounds, the Losi product development team “overdesigned” critical areas so it would have the extra support needed to withstand hard-hitting dirt bike action. The innovative front crash structure is rigid during normal running, but absorbs front impacts by compressing until the front tire bottoms into the chassis frame. That protects the front fork tubes from bending, keeping them safe and true. Included skid plates guard critical components from rocks and debris, and a twin aluminum plate chassis shields all of the bike's electronics.

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No other RC product on the market has a suspension like the Promoto-MX. Losi studied the suspension geometry and technology of full-size motorcycles to give it the same terrain handling characteristics. The front suspension takes a unique approach to RC shocks with a front fork and internal dampener and spring. It's adjustable, rebuildable, and looks like the real deal. The Promoto-MX also has a rising rate rear suspension, just like a real motorcycle. It starts soft around ride height but stiffens as the shock goes deeper into its travel, keeping the bike from bottoming out on flat landings.

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The heart of the Promoto-MX powertrain is a robust Spektrum Smart Brushless System, featuring a 3800Kv 4-pole brushless motor and 85A Smart ESC. It gets you moving out of the gate HOT, with enough torque to clear large triples and 40+ mph top speeds on a 2S LiPo battery. The durable drivetrain is true to scale, with chain drive that lets your rear tire rip whenever you're ready to send it! An innovative front and rear wheel braking system does its part to give the bike impressive stopping power, cutting the stopping distance in half compared to rear brake only.

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The Promoto-MX is backed by a full line of upgrade and replacement parts to ensure top performance season after season. Swap out jerseys and plastics for a fresh look, or add strength and character with anodized aluminum upgrades. Dive deep into the world of Promoto-MX with captivating in depth videos featuring detailed instructions on option part installations, ensuring that you can customize your Promoto-MX to suit your unique style and preferences.

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Realism in a Remote Control Motorcycle

It's the technology and realism behind the Losi Promoto-MX RC motorcycle that really sets it apart from every other remote control motorcycle and dirt bike that's been tried before. As any motorcyclist will tell you, there's an art behind the stability of anything on two wheels and for the Losi Promoto-MX RC motorcycle, the gyroscopic force of the flywheel partnered with the new MS6X stabilizing technology from Spektrum deliver exactly that. This RC motorcycle has the scale details, authentic control, and realistic powertrain with disc brakes and chain drive that will make any rider of two wheels take notice, all in a 1:4 scale RC dirt bike package.

Mastering an RC Motorcycle

Maneuvering a fast-moving remote control motorcycle around obstacles, performing precise turns on a dirt track, or popping a wheelie all while maintaining balance can be challenging for even an experienced RC driver. The Losi Promoto-MX RC motorcycle has the stability you need to perform stunts and tackle tight turns, but it still presents enough of a challenge that the excitement never ends as you improve your control and add new skills to your list of thrilling stunts. The ability of this RC dirt bike to mimic the behavior of its real-life counterparts will keep you coming back for more in the quest for RC motorcycle mastery.