Shop by Scale

RC bashers come in a wide range of sizes, from just a few inches to several feet long. Their size is often shown as a ratio, or scale, that compares the model to the full-size vehicle — a 1/10 scale Ferrari, for example, is one-tenth the size of a real one. If you want a small basher to run indoors, choose higher ratios such as 1/24. For a big model to bash on rugged outdoor trails, look for lower ratios like 1/8 and 1/5.

Move mountains with the ultimate RC bashers in 1/5 scale.

Rugged 1/6 scale RC bashers can rip up any track.

Take on the track with 1/7 scale RC bashers.

Bash through the outback with 1/8 scale muscle.

1/10th Scale

Popular 1/10 scale size provides many RC bashing options.

Mini/Micro scale captures big RC bashing performance.