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What ARRMA vehicle is right for you?

Purchasing a hobby-grade radio control (RC) model should be a fun, exciting, and rewarding purchase decision for any customer. But, as with most major purchases, we find that customers new to the industry often have similar questions and/or issues when trying to compare, contrast, and select the perfect model:

  1. How fast does it go?
  2. How much is it?
  3. What else do I need to buy?
  4. Where can I find parts?

As a result, we have elected to spotlight the ARRMA RC brand for this article. ARRMA’s offering of radio-controlled models ranges from affordable beginner trucks to fast/extreme models that require a considerable investment of skill, space, and money. Despite this, the entire ARRMA portfolio is known for durability, ease of maintenance, and a worldwide network of product support. Plus, like many products manufactured/sold by Horizon Hobby, ARRMA models are backed by industry-leading product support, repair, and warranty service.

We have also broken down the ARRMA brand into five sections below (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert). Most importantly, we will answer the four questions we outline above within each "section" of ARRMA category below.
(Note that product availability and pricing mentioned below is subject to change)

Beginner – ARRMA VOLTAGE Vehicles

Available in three different liveries, the ARRMA GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA is ready for anything straight out of the box as it arrives assembled with everything needed for day-one fun! It includes a 2.4GHz radio (with AA batteries), a 6-cell 7.2v NiMH battery, plus a wall charger. This simple to operate 2WD Monster Truck features a waterproof design, a full ball bearing driveline, a brushed motor, oil-filled shocks, metal dog-bone driveshafts, all-metal differential gears, a double-wishbone suspension, and durable multi-terrain dBoots® COPPERHEAD™ tires.

Plus, at only $99.99, the GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA is a great way to experience the world of hobby-grade RC products without the cost/concern with upkeeping a more expensive model. Bash anywhere with the GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA Monster Truck!

  1. How fast does it go? 20mph
  2. How much is it? $99.99
  3. What else do I need to buy? Nothing!
  4. Where can I find parts?
ARRMA Granite Voltage

Novice – ARRMA MEGA 550 Vehicles

Perfect for new drivers, or those who have prior experience with "toy store" level models, the MEGA 550 lineup of ARRMA vehicles are affordable, easy to operate, durable, and upgradable! These four-wheel-drive RTR models arrive assembled, include a 3-channel radio, and a high-capacity NiMH battery for long run times. New bashers will appreciate the ability to set throttle limits at 50% or 75% on the Spektrum™ SLT3™ until they are ready to use the full speed potential. All you need is four AA batteries to operate the MEGA 550 models out of the box.

These vehicles are badged 2S LiPo-compatible, meaning that you can easily upgrade to a battery that provides more power AND runtime later on. Furthermore, the GRANITE, SENTON, and TYPHON MEGA feature a strong composite chassis, a castellated slipper clutch, large oil-filled shocks, metal-gear differentials, ball-bearings, grippy dBoots tires, and a waterproof design backed by a warranty… all of which make the vehicles drive better, last longer, and more fun to drive! Plus, the 550 line shares several parts and upgrades that are interchangeable from the 3S and 4S BLX series of vehicles, increasing both the upgrade path and lifecycle of your product!

ARRMA Granite Voltage
  1. How fast does it go? 30mph
  2. How much is it? $229.99
  3. What else do I need to buy? Four (4) AA Batteries (FUG4300BP4): $2.49
  4. Where can I find parts? Any Horizon Hobby Retailer

Intermediate – ARRMA 3S and 4S BLX Vehicles

ARRMA Outcast 4S The ARRMA 3S and 4S BLX vehicles are ideal for someone with prior hobby-grade RC experience but can be successfully piloted by a driver who is relatively new to the industry. Many of these models are very similar in appearance/build to the MEGA 550 platform. However, what sets these models apart is their ability to handle an increased power output, courtesy of the included brushless power system. The SENTON, GRANITE, TYPHON, and BIG ROCK each can handle up to a 3S LiPo Battery, whereas the OUTCAST and KRATON are able to accommodate 4S LiPo power. This enables these models to hit an impressive 50mph when used in optimal driving conditions!

It is important to note that although these models are branded as "Ready-to-Run," you will need to purchase a LiPo battery and compatible charger (in addition to the vehicle) and provide four (4) AA batteries. However, the ARRMA 3S and 4S BLX models do arrive assembled with everything installed for day-one-fun. All variants include a Spektrum radio, a 4WD drivetrain, oil-filled shocks, metal-gear differentials, ball bearings, realistic dBoots tires, and boast of an overall planform that is strong yet easy to maintain. Additionally, the 4S variants feature a metal spur-gear, a gigantic chassis support-brace, 16mm big-bore shocks, high-downforce wings, and a wheelie bar! Finally, all six of these models feature a waterproof design and are backed by industry-leading Horizon Hobby warranty, support, and repair services.

  1. How fast does it go? 50mph
  2. How much is it? $319.99 - $399.99
  3. What else do I need to buy?
ARRMA Outcast 4S

Advanced – ARRMA 6S BLX Vehicles

ARRMAa Talion 6S The 6S BLX line has been ARRMA’s "bread and butter" for many years. In fact, this very platform is what propelled ARRMA into the stratosphere when it comes to durability, speed, and overall value. Whether you are shopping for the ultimate stunt truck or an all-out speed machine, these rigs are designed for the advanced driver who has developed a solid understanding of how to control, repair, and remain safe with an RC model. These models are designed to handle the extreme power/torque of a 6S LiPo battery (or two 3S packs wired in series) but are also equally enjoyable on 4S power.

Each 6S BLX model is highlighted by features like Spektrum 2.4GHz technology, massive 1/8th scale-sized brushless power, a digital steering servo, aluminum chassis, anodized aluminum shock towers, oil-filled adjustable shocks, steel driveshafts, all-metal differential gears/outdrives, rubber-shielded bearings, never-pop ball ends, a sliding easy-access motor mount, 17mm wheel hexes, and dBoots tires. And before you ask, they are indeed waterproof and backed by a two-year limited warranty. Like the 3S and 4S RTR models, these models arrive assembled in the box. As a result, they are branded as "Ready-to-Run" vehicles, but you will need to purchase a LiPo battery and compatible charger (in addition to the vehicle) and provide four (4) AA batteries.

Although each model has its own personality and look, the entire family shares common parts. This makes finding replacement parts much easier as local and online retailers can stock a larger quantity of items in less space. Plus, aftermarket companies adore this system as they can design and engineer upgrades and option parts that will fit multiple vehicles. The ARRMA 6S BLX lineup provides the operator with the best the RC has to offer with a solid foundation for fun!

ARRMA Mojave 6S

Expert – ARRMA’s Most Extreme/Unlimited Vehicles

ARRMA Kraton 8S Welcome to the pinnacle of radio-control performance. The models in this section are some of the most extreme RC models on the planet and are designed exclusively for the pro-level driver. Ranging from 1/7th scale up to 1/5th scale, their larger-than-life size is complemented with extreme power systems capable of unleashing the extreme power and torque only a 6S or 8S battery configuration can deliver.

Don’t let their size fool you; These models are truly designed fast, designed tough. Both the KRATON and OUTCAST raised the bar for 1/5th scale performance when they were released. The KRATON itself is geared more toward the "Monster Truck" segment whereas the OUTCAST is designed for unlimited large-scale stunt capability. To achieve maximum performance, both trucks require the use of an 8S power system (two 4S batteries wired in series). ARRMA 1/5th scale models require a substantial investment, both monetary and skill, but the old adage holds true: you get what you pay for. Both models are equipped with the best of the best when it comes to design, material quality, and adjustability. Even though these models are the largest RC trucks in the industry, they still ship at an RTR completion level. All that is required for operation is four AA batteries and a compatible battery/charger.

The 1/7th scale INFRACTION, FELONY, and LIMITLESS all share a common design planform and goal: unequaled all-road performance. These high-performance machines are capable of tire-smoking burnouts, spectacular drift ability, and ultra-high-speed. The INFRACTION and FELONY are assembled ready-to-run models that require batteries for the radio and a 6S battery configuration and compatible charger, whereas the LIMITLESS is actually a "roller." This means it arrives assembled but does NOT include any electronics. As a result, you will need to furnish a transmitter, receiver, steering servo, plus a 1/8th-sized motor/ESC (electronic speed control). But don’t let that limit your ambition! With the right power system setup, the LIMITLESS is easily capable of operating at 100+ mph!

Still need more information? We encourage you to continue your research by visiting the following resources:

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Kyle Roberts

Words by Kyle Roberts (Contributor)

Kyle began his adventure into the world of RC back in 2005, where he began his tenure in the surface segment. He is a TLR/Spektrum Team Driver and joined Horizon Hobby in 2017, where he has ventured into the world of flying both RC helicopters and RC planes. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from the University of South Florida.
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