BOOST Your ARRMA RC Basher – The Best RC Upgrades


BOOST Your ARRMA RC Basher – The Best RC Upgrades


RC bashers are some of the most beginner-friendly RC trucks on the market and ARRMA® is known for their fast, tough RC bashers. Why RC bashers? They are powerful RC trucks, but most importantly, they are durable! If you are new to RC cars and RC trucks, you want something that won’t break the first time you miss a jump or roll over at a high speed. ARRMA offers beginner RC monster trucks and beginner RC stadium trucks that take bashing to a whole new level - and they are ready for you to BOOST with the easiest and best RC upgrades available directly from ARRMA!

ARRMA RC Trucks for Beginners

The ARRMA BOOST lineup includes the ARRMA VORTEKS and ARRMA GRANITE. Both are 1/10 scale RC trucks, which is the most popular size and great for beginners. These RC trucks also have 4x2 drivetrains and brushed motors, both of which keep their price point down for entry-level RC enthusiasts looking for their first RC basher. But don’t think that ARRMA would ever hold back on power or durability in a vehicle for the first-time RC basher. These RC trucks can reach speeds over 30 MPH right out of the box with the appropriate battery. To help keep you in control, the Spektrum RC transmitters that come with the ARRMA BOOST Ready-to-Run line include throttle control limits so that you can keep the power turned down at 50% or 75% as you learn to handle your RC truck. This is also a favorite feature of experienced RC drivers when teaching children how to drive an RC truck, something else bashers are great for. With a simple switch, you’ll be bashing at full throttle in no time!



The ARRMA BOOST Difference

Once you’re familiar with your ARRMA RC monster truck or RC stadium truck for bashing, it’s time to BOOST! The ARRMA BOOST lineup presents some of the easiest to upgrade RC trucks out there. What’s more, ARRMA has the best RC upgrades ready to go to BOOST your vehicle and take it from a beginner-level model to something more powerful and exciting. For a beginner, 2WD and a brushed motor are great, but as your RC bashing skills improve, you’ll undoubtedly want more power. Go from bashing to blasting as the ARRMA BOOST beginner RC trucks are brushless-ready, so you can easily upgrade to a 3S brushless motor system. Swapping out a brushed motor for a brushless motor is one of the best RC upgrades you can make. If you really want to blast with your ARRMA RC truck, you can also take the ARRMA BOOST RC trucks from 2x4 to 4x4 in just 10 minutes with the ARRMA 4x4 BOOST Transmission Upgrade Set (sold separately). The extra traction created by sending power to all four wheels is unmistakable.

ARRMA BOOST speed graphic

How to BOOST with ARRMA RC Upgrades

Because the ARRMA VORTEKS BOOST and ARRMA GRANITE BOOST are entry-level RC trucks, many of their owners are not familiar with RC upgrades, and that's OK! The ARRMA BOOST process makes it easy to upgrade your RC truck for the first time with the best RC upgrade parts available because these vehicles were built with future upgrades in mind as you start your RC journey. We have helpful videos to walk you through the process for our most popular upgrade options: 2x4 to 4x4 BOOST Transmission Upgrade Set, brushed to ARRMA 3S Brushless BOOST, Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST, Metal Slipper and Input Gear BOOST, Metal Gear Differential BOOST, and the Wide Arm BOOST.

2x4 to 4x4 BOOST Transmission Upgrade

By using the BOOST Transmission Upgrade Set, you’ll have all the parts you need to quickly go from a 2x4 to 4x4 RC truck. A few tools are required to make this upgrade, but if you’re ready to take the leap into faster and tougher territory, you’ll need a few tools to maintain and repair, as well as upgrade.

Here's what you’ll need for the BOOST 4x4 Transmission Upgrade Set:

  • 7mm Nut Driver
  • 2mm Hex Driver
  • 2.5mm Hex Driver
  • Pliers
  • Gear Grease

We also recommend a parts tray to keep track of the screws and washers as you take them out. You’ll learn a few handy tips on how to keep track of which screw goes with what part in this Installation Guide video:

ARRMA 4x4 Transmission Upgrade BOOST Box

Brushed to Brushless Motor BOOST

Ready for more power from your ARRMA RC basher? Going from a brushed motor to a brushless motor is just the ticket. With a brushed motor, ARRMA RC bashers can reach speeds over 30 MPH. One of the best RC upgrades you can make to get more power and more speed is to BOOST to a brushless motor. The ARRMA 3S Brushless BOOST Box is a complete power module that includes a Spektrum® Smart 3S ESC, Spektrum brushless motor, heatsink, and cooling fan. To meet the needs of different tire diameters, ARRMA also includes 15T, 18T, and 20T pinions in this BOOST box.

ARRMA Brushless Motor BOOST Box

Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST

If you want to take your brushed to brushless motor experience on a more custom route, you can use the Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST Box to make your ARRMA GRANITE BOOST or ARRMA VORTEKS BOOST ready to use a brushless motor and ESC of your choice. This isn’t as common when you’re upgrading your first RC monster truck because there are so many motors and ESCs to choose from, but it is an available option.

ARRMA Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST Box

Metal Slipper and Input Gear BOOST

Give your transmission the added toughness of metal gears by installing the ARRMA Metal Slipper and Input Gears BOOST Box. This BOOST is ideal when you upgrade up to more power with a brushless motor by using either the ARRMA 3S Brushless BOOST Box or your own selection of brushless motor and ESC with the Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST Box.

ARRMA Metal Slipper and Input Gear BOOST Box

Metal Gear Differential BOOST

After making the RC upgrade from a brushed RC motor to brushless, you’ll want to reinforce your powertrain for maximum durability when bashing your RC monster truck at higher speeds. The ARRMA Metal Gear Differential BOOST Box has what you need to upgrade your gears for maximum toughness. This BOOST is best when done after upgrading to 3S brushless power using either the ARRMA 3S Brushless BOOST Box or an RC brushless motor and ESC of your choice with the Metal Slipper Power Module BOOST Box.

ARRMA Metal Gear Differential BOOST Box

Wide Arm BOOST

Improve the stability of your ARRMA GRANITE or ARRMA VORTEKS by widening its track with this Wide Arm BOOST Box upgrade. Curves can be especially challenging at higher speeds, so if you’ve upgraded your motor from brushed to brushless and are feeling some instability in curves, be sure to take a look at what widening the track can do for your vehicle. And that’s the beauty of the ARRMA GRANITE and ARRMA VORTEKS BOOST vehicles – you can customize them as your skills develop to improve your driving. This wide arm BOOST box has the pre-assembled arms and the turnbuckles you’ll need for this quick RC upgrade.


ARRMA BOOST Box Upgrades: Pre-Assembled and Easy RC Upgrades for Beginners

RC bashers are undoubtedly the best beginner RC trucks and ARRMA is known for their tough vehicles. With the ARRMA GRANITE BOOST or ARRMA VORTEKS BOOST, you’ll be able to start your RC bashing journey with an entry-level price point on an RC truck that can easily grow with you to become faster, more powerful, and tougher all around for an even better bashing experience.

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