What Is the best RC car for under $400?


What Is the best RC car for under $400?


When shopping for a hobby-grade RC car, we all want the best one, right? But there isn’t one RC car under $400 that’s best for everyone. We all have different ideas about which RC car is the best one. So, here we’ll look at our top 5 picks for the best RC car for under $400 based on some of the most common buyer preferences.

Fast RC Cars

Who doesn’t love a fast RC car? Speed can be a major factor in deciding which RC car is best. There are RC cars out there that can go faster than 70 MPH right out of the box or with very minimal modifications. And there are even RC cars out there that can break 100 MPH with the right setup. If you’re shopping for the best RC car under $400 and speed is at the top of your priority list, take a look at the ARRMA VENDETTA. This 1/8 scale brushless speed bash racer is fast and under $400. You’ll enjoy on-road high-speed racing action with this aerodynamically tuned machine. The ARRMA VENDETTA can reach speeds of 70 MPH or more.

If you’re looking for speed but want the off-road experience, check out the ARRMA BIG ROCK monster truck. This 1/10 scale RC monster truck can reach speeds of more than 50 MPH with its brushless motor but has the tougher chassis and wider stance to make it a great off-road RC truck for under $400.

Both of these top picks for RC cars under $400 are Ready-to-Run (RTR) which means they come with almost everything you need to start racing right out of the box. They’ll both need batteries, so be sure to read the item description carefully and make sure you pick up a couple of batteries to keep the fun going longer.

RC Rock Crawling

If you enjoy tackling tough obstacles, an RC rock crawler might be the best RC car for you. There are many options in the mini/micro division of RC rock crawlers under $400, but if you’re looking for something in the 1/10 scale division (the most common size) under $400, we suggest you take a look at the Axial SCX10 III Base Camp 4WD rock crawler. This RC truck is built on Axial’s SCX10 III platform and delivers scale realism with increased suspension movement precision and an all-new LCXU transmission made with all-metal internal gears for strength and durability. The Axial SCX10 III Base Camp RC truck even comes with licensed Black Rhino wheels and Falken Wildpeak tires for increased ground clearance and grip. And, just like in our best picks of RC cars under $400 for speed, the Axial SCX10 III Base Camp is an RTR rig ready for batteries and adventure.

All Terrain RC Buggy

If you enjoy racing on all terrains, an RC buggy might be the best RC car for you under $400. Buggies are born to race and bash, so you’ll find these durable RC cars are a great option if you’re new to the hobby and want to keep your terrain options open. And our top pick for the best RC buggy under $400? It’s the ARRMA TYPHON 4WD 3S. This model is available with a brushed or brushless motors, but we have to go with the brushless model for its power and strength. The ARRMA TYPHON can reach speeds of over 50 MPH and it’s bigger than the ARRMA BIG ROCK we mentioned earlier. The ARRMA BIG ROCK is a 1/10 scale, which is your standard hobby-grade size. The ARRMA TYPHON is 1/8 scale for even bigger scale realism and excitement. The ARRMA TYPHON is also RTR and needs batteries to power it up to go, but we think you’ll find this just might be the best RC car under $400 for its durability and performance.

We also can’t forget to mention one of the most popular buggies with RC enthusiasts: the Axial Capra. The Axial Capra is a kit, so it is not Ready-to-Run, and you might spend more than $400 once you add in the optional parts. But if you like buggies and you enjoy the challenge of building something yourself, then you’ll love the Axial Capra. This rock crawling buggy is a fan favorite with its all-metal gears and transmission with Dig functionality (which enables tighter turns by locking the rear axle). Like the RTR models, you’ll need batteries for this kit, plus you’ll also need an RC transmitter if you don’t already have one. We recommend RTR models for beginners because they include the transmitter, but if you’ve already got a transmitter and want to build your collection, take a look at the Axial Capra as the right RC car for you under $400.

Best RC Car Under $400

These are 5 of our best RC cars under $400, but there are many more options to explore. If you’re shopping for the best RC car on a budget, you can search Horizon Hobby and use the price filter on the left to find the ideal configuration of speed, performance, and durability all within your budget.

See our collection of RC cars under $400 here!

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