Genuine Product Purchasing

Before you buy, always make sure the Horizon Hobby products you are purchasing are the real thing. Fake and counterfeit products may break easily, damage the products they're used in, and create situations that lead to injury to yourself and others.Furthermore, Horizon Hobby does not test non-Horizon products for compatibility and has never published proprietary technical specifications to allow other companies to claim full compatibility. We disclaim all liability related to counterfeit products and any non-Horizon product claiming compatibility, and will not service them under any circumstances.

How do I spot fake Horizon Hobby products?

  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Genuine Horizon Hobby products are made with premium materials and are built and tested for safe and reliable long-term use.
  • If a website is offering abnormally low pricing but requires large minimum order quantities to receive it, they are not an authorized Horizon Hobby, LLC. reseller and are probably selling counterfeit merchandise.
  • Make sure the exterior packaging is tight and professional. Products offered on auction sites with no box, manual, warranty, or documentation of any kind may be counterfeit. Products in generic looking or unprofessional packaging are often fake.
  • Faded or damaged packaging and labels, as well as strange markings or an abundance of misspelled words, are all sure signs of counterfeit product.
  • If a non-Horizon product features any of Horizon’s brand names, logos or trademarks on the product itself, the products infringe the intellectual property of Horizon and do not actually contain any of Horizon’s technology in them.

Be Aware!

Most counterfeit Horizon Hobby products are fairly easy to spot, but if you are not sure a product is genuine, you can confirm that the seller is an authorized Horizon Hobby reseller by looking them up in our locator at, or by contacting Horizon Hobby directly.

Heli – 888-959-2304 | Air – 888-959-2305 | Surface – 888-959-2306

Never provide personal information to any seller you doubt is an authorized retailer until you confirm first.

If you have purchased a counterfeit product by mistake, call your credit card company and ask for an immediate "charge back" or "reversal of charges." If you bought it through a platform or payment service like eBay or Paypal, report the counterfeit seller to the payment service. Afterwards, be sure to monitor your credit card for suspicious activity. Many online counterfeit resellers are phishing websites created to steal personal information.

In the U.S., we encourage consumers to report counterfeit product to the FBI using their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reporting form.

If the products were shipped via U.S. Mail, you can also report the seller/sender to the U.S. Postal Inspectors.

You can also send any suspected counterfeit product listings to Horizon Hobby’s legal department at