Best Tools for RC Boaters

Best Tools for RC Boaters

All mechanical devices — including RC boats — eventually need some maintenance, tuning, and repair. Those jobs are much easier and more successful when you have the right tools on hand.

Most RC boat manufacturers provide a small bag of basic tools and Allen wrenches with their kits and prebuilt models. To avoid increasing the price of the boat, these tools are usually made out of relatively inexpensive, soft metal. The wrench heads wear down after several uses. Then you struggle to get a solid grip on your hardware.

To avoid the inevitable frustration, invest in a good set of hobby-grade Allen wrenches and nut drivers. You'll understand their worth the first time you use them. The Dynamite product line includes a wide variety of hand tools in popular sizes for RC. They're durable, affordable, and — best of all — help you finish your maintenance and repair work as quickly and smoothly as possible.


If you're running a gas or nitro boat, other important items for your tool box include:


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