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3.7V 150mAh 1S 25C LiPo Battery: PH 1.25 (Ultra Micro)

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E-flite - EFLB1501S25
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Battery Voltage
Connector Type
PH 1.25 (Ultra Micro)
Battery Type
LiPo (3.7V per cell)
Cell Configuration


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Length:1.47 in (37.5mm) Width:0.48 in (12.2mm) Height:0.22 in (5.5mm)

Some helicopters that use this battery have a shallower battery tray. The heat shrink should be slid on the battery and this stops it from sliding too far in the compartment where it will contact the main blade gears. Otherwise it can be discarded.

"C" is an Amperage rating that references the batteries capacity. In this case, a 150 mAh (0.150Ah) battery would have a 1C charge rating of 0.150Amps. A 3C charge rate would be three times that, equal to 0.450Amps


Yes, it includes a strip of hook and loop tape.