Horizon Insider Tech Talk: Upgrade Your Vehicle to Spektrum DSMR Technology

Upgrade your RC vehicle to the industry standard.

Unlock the full potential of your model with Spektrum DSMR Technology! In this episode of Horizon Insider, we switch gears and head back to the studio for a step-by-step radio/receiver upgrade tutorial. Changing to a high-end Spektrum radio/receiver combination opens up a plethora of options including features like model memory, quicker frame rate, telemetry, AVC, and much more!

In this Tech Talk we cover how to:

  • Install a DSMR receiver
  • Bind your receiver to a transmitter
  • Setup your model in the radio
  • Provide tips on testing your new radio system

AVC Binding/Calibration Video

Check out our current selection of DSMR transmitters and DSMR compatible receivers.

Kyle Roberts

Words by Kyle Roberts (Contributor)

Kyle began his adventure into the world of RC back in 2005, where he began his tenure in the surface segment. He is a TLR/Spektrum Team Driver and joined Horizon Hobby in 2017, where he has ventured into the world of flying both RC helicopters and RC planes. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from the University of South Florida.
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