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BLH8670 Chroma with GoPro-Ready GB203 3-Axis Gimbal


with GoPro-Ready GB203 3-Axis Gimbal
BLH8670 | $699.99


Flight-Ready Chroma Drone • GoPro-Ready GB203 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal* • Spektrum™ DX4 DSMX® 2.4GHz controller
• Long-Lasting 6300mAh LiPo Flight Battery • Flight Battery Charger • Extra Set of Propellers • USB Programmer Cable

*GoPro camera not included.

It has come to our attention that during manufacturing we mislabeled the flight battery (BLH8619) for the Blade Chroma. All first-run batteries have a label that states 5400 mAh when the battery is actually a 6300 mAh capacity pack. Future battery production will have the proper label. There is no need to worry as there have been no changes made to the Chroma battery and it has always been 6300mAh.

Spektrum™ DX4 Controller: Complete Command

The included DX4 makes it easy to put the Chroma drone in the perfect spot for epic shots.
Features include:

  • DSMX® 2.4GHz technology – preferred by multi-rotor experts
  • Super-simple flight controls
  • Gimbal control for adjusting camera tilt up or down

Look Like a Pro.

SAFE Plus technology gives you several flight modes that have been specially programmed to make smooth, steady image capture easy. In fact, it can make you look like a pro even if you’ve never flown a camera drone before! All flight modes feature self-leveling and use GPS and altitude sensors to precisely hold position. SAFE Plus technology will even land the aircraft for you if you activate the Return Home function.

Look like a Pro with SAFE Plus
  • Smart Mode

    Perfect for first-time drone flyers.

    • Stick Relativity moves drone in whatever direction the control stick is pushed, no matter which way the nose is pointed
    • Creates a SAFE Circle™ barrier that prevents the aircraft from flying too close to you
    • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released
  • AP Mode

    For more experienced drone pilots.

    • Responds like a conventional drone without Stick Relativity
    • Gives you greater control authority by turning off the SAFE Circle
    • Keeps control response smooth so panning and tracking shots look great
    • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released
  • Return Home

    Safe landings with the flip of a switch.

    • Returns the drone to its start-up point and lands it for you
    • Great for first-time flyers who aren’t ready to land themselves
    • Easy way to regain visual contact if you lose sight in flight
    • Resume full control at any time
    • Activates automatically if controller signal is lost
  • Adjustable Flight Boundaries

    Stay legal. Stay safe. Fly responsibly.

    • Keeps the drone within altitude and distance limits you define
    • Easily adjusted using the Chroma programmer
    • Helps you avoid sensitive airspace ...and neighbors