Trinity Slot Machine Exchange Information

Slot Machine Exchange Form

Dear Trinity Racers:

While the news of the ROAR ruling on the Trinity Slot Machine motors was unexpected and disappointing, the backing of Horizon Hobby allows Trinity to show our commitment to responsive and high-quality customer service in the racing community. As a first in the industry, we are pleased to support our loyal customers by announcing a motor exchange program. Unfortunately, immediate motor replacement is not possible. However, the Trinity and Horizon Hobby teams have been diligently developing a Slot Machine 2 motor, pending ROAR approval.

The first step is to fill out an online form, which secures your position in the exchange program. The form must be completed before December 31st, 2023. For those who complete the form, we will be sending a 20% coupon via e-mail for Trinity products on

The second step will commence when Horizon Hobby sends detailed instructions via the e-mail address provided in the online form, on how to begin the exchange process. We expect the exchanges to begin before April of 2024 when the Slot Machine 2 motors are approved and in production. Proof of purchase will not be necessary. Motors being exchanged must be in working order. Standard motors will be exchanged with a new ROAR-legal Slot Machine 2 motor, while Trinity Team Spec and Certified motors will be reworked with a new ROAR-legal Slot Machine 2 certified stator. Due to the vast amount of customization and specialty that the certified motors offer, we want to ensure customers will keep their custom options and performance.

To make this process as smooth as possible for both Horizon Hobby and our customers, please do not send your motor until instructed, but please enjoy your 20% discount now. We would like to thank all our racers and appreciate your patience while we work through this process.