The RC hobby community is more than just a group of like-minded individuals. It’s a lifestyle. For more than forty years, Horizon has focused on inspiring dreams and building memories for these enthusiasts. No matter where they are—at the flying field, focused on the race stand, or in the backyard bashing, our dedication to this community inspires what we do every day.


True stories from the radio control community.

Los Angeles
RJ Gritter - From RC to Airshows

Embark on a captivating journey with RJ Gritter, an aerospace engineer and aerobatic pilot, as he shares his remarkable story.

12 Min Video
chuck gratner
Chuck Gratner and the Riley Model B

Chuck Gratner discusses his love for model aviation and the Riley Model B he designed and has been building for over 17 years.

8 Min Video
frank root
How To Do What You Love And Still Love What You Do

Frank Root turned his love for racing into a career in radio control.

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Winning Time

Angelina Provetti tells the story of Trinity Racing, her father Ernie, and Horizon Hobby.

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chris huhn
Always in the Air

Chris Huhn has flown them all, from balsa planes to RC jets to a full-scale Cirrus SR22 Turbo.

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randall davis
The Heat is On

Rocking and rolling with Randall Davis across the Utah desert.

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The men and women who love radio control can’t help but share their experiences with the world.

Our Ambassadors
Surface Events

Surface Events

RC events are experiences that can never be matched. Find the next ‘not to be missed’ RC car, truck, or crawler event here, plus RC boating events when you’re ready to make waves. Horizon Hobby will be sponsoring, attending, and/or hosting these RC surface events.

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Signature Events

Signature Events

Horizon Hobby Signature Events are signed by us for a reason! Join us each year as we share the excitement of RC flying, RC driving, and RC boating with thousands of hobbyists. All are welcome in this community, even new hobbyists putting their hands on a remote control car for the first time.

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Air Events

Air Events

Airshows can be for jets, planes, and helicopters both big and small. Watch Team Horizon in action with their acrobatic RC planes and powerful RC jets, or enjoy flying RC planes with others at these RC air events. These events are sponsored, attended, and/or hosted by Horizon Hobby.

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Horizon Hobby is proud to partner with those who celebrate radio control.

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The hobby community is built on sharing the joy of radio control with others. At the RC flying field, in the pit at the RC racetrack, scale-crawling on a mountain trail, or just in the backyard bashing, we share our love of RC with friends old and new every day. Join in the fun and join in the conversation to share your passion with others new to the hobby, make new friends, and build lasting memories with RC.