Relentless Innovation

Many of the biggest advances in RC fun have come from Horizon Hobby.

SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) Technology

Using a combination of sensors and flight control software, SAFE technology actually makes an RC aircraft aware of its attitude relative to the ground. This ‘attitude awareness' makes it possible to program all types of aircraft, fixed wing or rotor, with multiple flight modes that are specialized for different applications or experience levels. To learn more, visit

AVC ™ Active Vehicle Control
AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology

Patent-pending AVC technology makes just about any RC vehicle drive like its on rails. Using sensors and exclusive software, it's able to make hundreds of steering and throttle corrections per second so drivers can go faster without having to work as hard to stay in control. And faster is always more fun. To learn more, visit

AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) Technology

When added to an RC aircraft’s receiver, AS3X technology works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of turbulence and torque. It does so using a combination of 3-axis sensing and exclusive software developed by expert RC pilots. It feels completely natural too. There is no delay in response or limits on control. You simply feel like you’re flying an expertly tuned model that does exactly what you want.

Spektrum™ DSSS 2.4GHz Technology

Spektrum DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology is the world’s first 2.4GHz control solution for RC hobbies. Its wideband signal can achieve up to 3x the range of its narrow-band 2.4GHz competition using the same amount of power. This foundational technology is why our Spektrum RC systems deliver a combination of range, interference protection and response that is second to none.

Bind-N-Fly® RC Aircraft

One of the big benefits of Spektrum 2.4GHz technology is its ModelMatch™ feature. This allows a single Spektrum transmitter to be bound to (or paired with) multiple Spektrum receivers. We’ve used this ability to create innovative Bind-N-Fly (BNF) aircraft that come with a Spektrum receiver installed. Each one can be flight ready in the time it takes to charge a battery. All a Spektrum transmitter owner has to do is choose the BNF airplane, helicopter or quadcopter they want to fly, bind its receiver to their transmitter and fly.