Losi Mini "Family" Upgrade Spotlight

Losi Mini "Family" Upgrade Spotlight

The original Team Losi Mini-T was a massive success back in its time. With a plethora of options to customize, upgrade, and "hop-up," the truck (and its customers) enjoyed a long enjoyable lifecycle, many of which are still around to this day!

Fast-forward to the present-day where the legend has made its return. In a somewhat similar fashion, the Mini-T 2.0 took the industry by storm leading to high demand for the vehicle AND its optional accessories as well. In this edition of Horizon Insider, we spotlight upgrade/option parts from not only the manufacturer (Losi) but from Pro-Line and JConcepts.

Remember that the Losi upgrade parts discussed in this video will fit ANY member of the current 2.0 generation of Mini "family" of vehicles both present... and future?

Kyle Roberts

Words by Kyle Roberts (Contributor)

Kyle began his adventure into the world of RC back in 2005, where he began his tenure in the surface segment. He is a TLR/Spektrum Team Driver and joined Horizon Hobby in 2017, where he has ventured into the world of flying both RC helicopters and RC planes. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from the University of South Florida.
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