The Top RC Gifts of 2023


The Top RC Gifts of 2023


RC gifts are always a great choice for the holidays — and for lots of other special occasions, too. Why? Because RC gifts are never boring. Many other presents go back in the box and into a closet where they stay until it’s garage sale time. Not RC gifts. As soon as possible, RC gifts start throwing dirt in the backyard, making waves on a pond or lake, and inspiring all kinds of incredible outdoor and indoor adventures. Best of all, the fun they create continues all year long!

The RC gifts you give could very likely launch hobby beginners into an activity that will bring them joy for the rest of their lives. But whether your RC gift goes to a first-timer or to someone who’s already participated in RC for years, we guarantee this: Whenever they punch the transmitter’s throttle, they’ll think of you and remember what a special knack you have for finding the perfect gift.

Some of the best RC gifts are ready-to-run (RTR) RC monster trucks, RC rock crawlers, RC buggies, and RC boats. They need little if any assembly and require no special training to operate. With the possible exception of a few low-cost, easy-to-find completion items such as batteries, they come with everything needed to run them. These RC gifts are easy to buy, and they’re packaged in a single box that’s easy to wrap and easy to give.

In this article we’ve selected some great ready-to-run RC gifts that can be enjoyed straight out of the box. While they’re all suitable for absolute newcomers to the radio control hobby, the performance and versatility they offer will delight experienced RC modelers, too. And here’s some good news for you, the gift buyer: Every one of these recommended RC gifts is affordably priced at about $150 or less.

You can find these and many other exciting radio control products at your nearest RC hobby shop or online at Horizon Hobby. For thorough details about each item, visit its Horizon Hobby product page. The information there will help you choose the very best RC gift for everyone on your list. Also take advantage of special savings opportunities by checking out the Horizon Hobby promotions page.

Best RC gifts for the bashers

Is there an RC basher on your gift list? Basher is the RC hobby term for someone who isn’t interested in the rules and regulations stipulated when racing. Bashers just want to test the limits of their RC cars and trucks. They like sending them through challenging stunts and over difficult terrain just to see what the models can handle. If that sounds like someone on your shopping list, be sure to check out the ARRMA brand lineup for the perfect RC gifts.

You certainly can’t go wrong with a classic like the 1/10 scale ARRMA GRANITE VOLTAGE. This RC monster truck powers over anything in its path while turning heads with realistic, factory-finished style. The GRANITE appeals to every full-size monster truck fan. It’s right at home running in the backyard, on the beach, over grass fields, and in parking lots. The durable, low-maintenance design makes this massive and fully assembled remote control truck one of the best RC gifts for 2023.

Another version of the GRANITE is available in the ARRMA BOOST product series, available at your nearest RC hobby store. BOOST vehicles may be the best RC gifts on wheels that you can give to a hobby beginner. The concept behind them is unique in the RC industry. Fully assembled, ready to run, durable, and affordable, ARRMA BOOST cars and trucks have everything it takes to be excellent “first” RC models. But they’re also designed to grow right along with their owners’ skill and experience. Special “BOOST Box” option packages are sold separately with all parts needed to add brushless power, 4WD, and other upgrades. If you give a BOOST vehicle today, BOOST Boxes will make great future RC gifts!

Brand new to the ARRMA lineup in 2023, the GRANITE GROM monster truck is fast, tough, ready-to-run, and “fun-sized”. At 1/18 scale and just under ten inches long, it's small enough to take anywhere — for enjoying some after-school RC monster truck action with friends or sneaking in a little bashing during the office lunch break. The GRANITE GROM delivers a big dose of genuine ARRMA performance and durability in a convenient mini size. It definitely belongs on any list of the top RC gifts of 2023. You can find the ARRMA GRANITE GROM at hobby shops everywhere.

Best RC gift for mini racing

Here’s another great RC gift option in a compact size. In RC car racing, the TLR (Team Losi Racing) brand has a reputation for developing top-quality engineering that earns high-level competition wins. The Losi Mini-B 2WD Buggy delivers that same quality and performance in 1/16 scale, making it affordable enough to be a great RC gift for 2023.

Don’t let the “Mini” name fool you. The Losi Mini-B buggy is still more than ten and a half inches long. And while it’s suitable for beginners, it’s every bit as exciting to send tearing down the track as larger RC cars. The Mini-B also comes loaded with option parts in a fully assembled, ready-to-run package for only $159.99. Absolutely nothing else is needed. Even AAA batteries for the transmitter are included!

Best RC gift for crawling

For the outdoor enthusiasts on your gift list who enjoy hiking, camping, and similar activities, the Axial SCX24 Ford Bronco 4WD is a ready-to-run RC rock crawling rig that they can take along to drive over the trails — and it’s small enough to fit easily into a backpack. You’ll find plenty of heavy-duty steel components underneath the realistic body. Over off-road, mountainous, rocky, and desert terrain, the SCX24 Ford Bronco has the strength and durability to keep pushing onward and upward.

An officially licensed, 1/24 scale RC version of one of the auto industry's premier off-road vehicles, the SCX24 Ford Bronco RC rock crawler’s entire 8.75 inch length comes loaded with authentic scale detail. That includes working front lights plus molded door handles, mirrors, roof rails, and a tire mount with spare tire. It’s fully assembled with everything required for action in the box. Ideal for indoor or outdoor trails, this one is a must for Ford fans and RC enthusiasts of all ages.

Best RC gift for boating

Even the kids on your holiday list will have a blast with the foot-long Pro Boat Jet Jam V2. It’s one of the coolest radio control boats on the market. The Jet Jam V2 can run in water as shallow as three inches deep and has a self-righting feature that prevents it from capsizing. Toss a ping pong ball or any other floating ball into the water and use the removable cup at the front of the boat to play pool soccer. It’s perfect for an afternoon of fun in the pool or at the lake.

Priced at just $99.99, the ready-to-run Jet Jam V2 package includes the fully assembled RC boat and everything else required except four AA batteries. You’ll create quite a splash with this great RC gift.

Best RC gift for anyone

Still not sure what to buy for the RC hobbyists in your life? Let them pick the best RC gift of 2023 for themselves with a Horizon Hobby E-Gift Card. Horizon emails the E-Gift Card to you so you can either forward it to your recipient or print and wrap it to give to them personally. With over 25,000 products to choose from, your E-Gift Card recipients will have the time of their lives picking out their present!

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