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FPV - Put yourself in the pilots seat


FPV is short for First Person View. Using specially designed FPV cameras and headsets, it’s possible to virtually put your eyes in the cockpit of almost any RC model. At Horizon Hobby, we’re pioneering a new generation of FPV models and equipment that makes taking part in this thrilling facet of the hobby easier than it has ever been before.

FPV Headset




An FPV platform can be any RC vehicle you fly or drive. All you need is enough room to mount an FPV camera system.



You will need an RC transmitter to fly or drive the platform that carries your FPV camera.



The camera captures the first person view from the platform and sends the images via video transmitter to your headset. There are several types of FPV cameras and video transmitters available for whatever platform you choose.



The headset lets you see what the camera on the platform sees. It’s like sitting in the cockpit or behind the wheel.

Video Tutorials

We’ve put together these helpful video tutorials to make your first FPV experience the best it can be.

  • 1

    What is FPV

  • 2

    Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV System Overview

  • 3

    Teleporter Headset Overview

  • 4

    Installation Tips and Tricks

  • 5


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Do-it Yourself

All the gear you need to add FPV to your favorite models, in one box.

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Integrated FPV

RC models that come ready to go with FPV gear installed or included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Head Tracker?

    Head trackers connect to the trainer system so the user can control pan, tilt, and roll movements of a camera with your head movements. The Spektrum DX6 (2014 edition), DX9, DX10t, DX18t and DX18 are compatible with head trackers.

  2. What kind of training is required?

    The Academy of Model Aeronautics has important guidelines for FPV pilots. Look at the AMA Documents, including #704 when you visit www.ModelAircraft.org/documents.aspx to see how AMA benefits work for you.

  3. When do I need an HAM license?

    The transmissions of longer range, higher quality video FPV systems often require users to obtain a HAM Technical-class license to be legal. It involves a 35 multiple choice question test and a nominal fee; the license is active for 10 years. Amateur radio clubs in your area are usually glad to help your customers “legal up”. Find out more by visiting the Amateur Radio Relay Network at www.ARRL.org. The bundles offered at Horizon Hobby through FatShark do not require licenses out of the box as they maintain the legal limit required. Converting to a higher power (as the modular Dominator bundle will allow) adds the license requirement.

  4. How far can I go with FPV?

    When flying FPV, one of the most intriguing aspects of flight is doing low “map of the earth” flying. While this is entirely practical for short ranges, it’s important to understand the range of the system will be much shorter close to the ground than a few hundred feet up. Pilots should always be aware of line of site restrictions which could interrupt your signals such as trees, bushes, snow banks, etc. They should always fly with an observer close by who has sight of the model at all times and can talk them back if orientation becomes confusing.

  5. How can I get the best performance?

    Always maintain maximum separation between control receiver antennas and video transmitter antennas. Try to place the video transmitter in an area free and clear of wires, metal or carbon fiber on your model. Minimizing vibration will also have a benefit of improving video performance. Balance propellers, check for bent shafts, and ensure motors or engines are securely mounted.

  6. Why isn't Horizon offering all the headsets (Predator, Teleporter, etc.) available from Fatshark?

    Horizon has partnered with Fatshark to bring exclusive bundled versions of the Dominator and Attitude headsets to market as part of our introductory offering. We believe focusing on these initial exclusive offerings will make it easier for retailers to support the end consumer by making the selection process easier.

  7. I may have a problem; how do I get support?

    Like other Distributed brands offered by Horizon, the manufacturer provides support to the end consumer. FatShark and Immersion RC provide customer support through the email contact: support@fatshark.com

  8. What is IPD?

    Interpupillary Distance (IPD) is the distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes. IPD is critical for the design of binocular viewing systems, where both eye pupils need to be positioned within the exit pupils of the viewing system

  9. Can I mount my FPV camera with CA glue?

    No, the permeating vapors in the CA glue curing process have the ability to permanently damage sensitive lenses in digital imaging, and possibly technology/consumer plastics in general.