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HO 60' PS Auto Box, SP #621115

Item No. ATHG75916
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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

HO 60' PS Auto Box, SP #621115

Item No. ATHG75916
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  • Accurately painted and printed for prototypical realism
  • Highly-detailed, injection-molded body
  • Fully detailed full cushion underframe
  • Full underframe detail: air brake reservoir, control valve,
  • Separately applied door closure rods, side ladders, metal grab irons and
  • and brake cylinder with plumbing and brake rod details
  • etched metal end platforms
  • 100-Ton roller bearing trucks with operating bearing caps
  • Coupler lift bars, trainline hoses, brake hoses, and hardware
  • Machined metal wheels
  • Weighted for trouble free operation
  • Multiple road numbers
  • Minimum radius: 22”


During the 1960’s, Ford Motor Company, Pullman Standard and Santa Fe pooled their resources to develop a standard boxcar to meet the transportation needs of automobile manufacturers in the United States. Delivered in 1965, the Pullman Standard auto parts boxcar is the most prolific example of this type of freight car. It ultimately changed the face of automobile manufacturing and rail transportation.


  • Faded base colors matched to the prototype, the perfect starting point for adding grime and rust
  • Patches applied and shaped per road number matching each corresponding side to the prototype
  • Duplicated look and feel of “In Service” equipment; “Tattered and Torn” just like the real thing
  • Some Prime for Grime models feature paint scheme variations

Product Specifications

Coupler Style McHenry Scale Knuckle