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A332 9g Sub-Micro MG Servo

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Spektrum - SPMSA332
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Brown - negative Red - positive Orange - signal

It will not. This is the nosewheel steering servo for the EC-1500 airplane:

It can absolutely be reversed in the transmitter when needed. The reason for reversed servos is applications such as dual elevators (or flaps) on a Y harness, where each surface has a servo that is installed opposite of each other. This requires one of them to be reversed.

Max recommended voltage is 6.0V.

If you have a Spektrum transmitter that in need of repair, you can send in into the service center. Service center repair request form linked below. If it is a programming error, you may be able to bypass the error by holding down the scroll wheel as you power on the transmitter. This should take you directly to the System Setup screen where you can reset or choose a new model. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our product support department via chat or email