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Forward Programming the Spektrum AR637T Receiver

You asked for a receiver that was simple to program.

You asked for AS3X that was easier to set up.

You asked for universal SAFE Select!

The Spektrum Product Developers listened and responded by introducing the newest generation of aircraft receiver! Gone are the days of downloading files from the internet to mimic the AS3X settings you want... or struggling your way through a cellphone-based app. Spektrum Forward programming is here, and it's a game-changer!

In this edition of Horizon Insider, Kyle walks you through the complete setup of an AR637T receiver using the new Spektrum NX6 transmitter. He shows how a basic PNP (Plug-N-Play) FMS CJ-6 V2 airplane can be fitted with the latest/greatest in industry-leading technology in the form of Spektrum Smart Technology, Forward Programming, and intuitive engineering.

In this video, we have three primary programming goals:

  1. Basic Airplane Setup
  2. AS3X Stabilization
  3. SAFE Select

Note that this process remains the same for any Spektrum Gen 2 or newer transmitter AND is applicable on many other "Smart" receivers from 2020 and beyond. You may need to update your transmitter and/or receiver to access the full catalog of features shown in this video. For more information on this process, see the links listed below.

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Kyle Roberts

Words by Kyle Roberts (Contributor)

Kyle began his adventure into the world of RC back in 2005, where he began his tenure in the surface segment. He is a TLR/Spektrum Team Driver and joined Horizon Hobby in 2017, where he has ventured into the world of flying both RC helicopters and RC planes. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from the University of South Florida.
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