Sharing the RC Auto Hobby with Kids: Popular Remote Control Cars for Girls


Sharing the RC Auto Hobby with Kids: Popular Remote Control Cars for Girls


If the RC auto hobby is one of your favorite activities and you’re also a parent, it’s only natural that you want to share it with your kids. Whether they’re boys or girls doesn’t matter. You enjoy driving RC cars. It would be wonderful if everyone else in your family did, too.

Although it’s fortunately a diminishing minority, some people still look at the RC auto hobby with the same gender biases common to other games, sports, and leisure pursuits. Never mind that girls and boys alike can easily drive remote control cars with equal skill, as long as they’re willing to practice and learn. Once they get some experience with RC cars, all kids have a great time bashing and racing.

If you’re skeptical that girls can get excited about RC cars, check out some of the videos available on social media of public RC auto events like Axialfest. You’ll see RC cars and RC trucks being driven by girls of all ages. Furthermore, several of the most popular RC influencers are women. There’s “RC Girl” Haley Carter, for example, and Abby Saylor, the female half of the RC Saylors duo. Abby says that RC autos are her favorite category of radio control model.

So if you think that only boys play with RC cars, it’s time to think again. Your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces will enjoy them, too. There’s no reason at all you can’t give remote control cars to girls.

Look past pink when RC auto shopping for girls.

Contrary to popular belief, the most popular remote control cars for girls aren’t necessarily pink. Pink RC cars and trucks are available, and they’re often the first ones you’ll see if you search online for “RC cars for girls”. There’s nothing at all wrong with a girl driving a pretty pink remote control car if that’s what she wants! But girls also appreciate high performance. They like to stomp mud, sling gravel, and take first place in the race as much as any boy does.

So what should you be looking for when you go to buy an RC auto for your daughter, granddaughter, niece — or for any child who’s never owned a remote control car before?

The most important thing is to find one that’s age-appropriate. RC auto manufacturers develop models for a wide variety of skill levels. Her first RC car should be one that can be operated successfully with no previous hobby experience. And if she has shown a fondness for a certain type of full size automobile, like race cars, monster trucks, or dune buggies, you’ll want to shop for an RC version of the same style. After all, nearly anything available in a full-size car has most likely also been reproduced in RC auto form.

How to choose an age-appropriate RC auto for your child.

RC auto models can be found at almost any price. When buying a child her first RC car, you might be tempted to pick the least expensive one you can find. If it doesn’t hold her interest, then you won’t be out as much money, right?

That logic has one drawback. The cheapest remote control vehicles — those referred to as “toy quality” because they’re typically sold in the toy aisles of department stores — are made from low-quality materials, break easily, and usually can’t be fixed because there are no replacement parts. It’s the perfect set up for a disappointing first RC car hobby experience.

It’s best to look for an affordable but “hobby quality” ready-to-run RC car. The staff at your local hobby shop can help with recommendations. These prebuilt RC auto models offer more advantages than just time-saving convenience. They already come equipped with accessories such as batteries that have been factory-tested to work well with the model. Aftermarket parts are easy to find to keep them in peak running form. If the child accidentally breaks something — and she will — you can have her driving again with barely a break in the fun.

Advanced level RC autos can reach incredible speeds, but those designed for beginners use motors that produce fairly modest power. Nevertheless, make sure that any child given even a very basic RC car understands how to use it and will ask for adult help to resolve any problems or questions. Even a slow RC car seems pretty fast if you’re an inexperienced driver, and it can turn into a potential safety hazard if not kept under control.

That leads to another important piece of advice. In addition to choosing an age-appropriate RC car, make sure the child has a safe place to run it. She should avoid busy streets or any locations where a runaway RC auto could cause an accident or injury. If you can, get a ready-to-run RC car that includes a radio transmitter with throttle limiting — a feature that restricts how fast it can go until the child has enough skill to control it at full speed.

For more information about what characteristics to look for in an RC car for children, check out related blog articles indexed here.

How to select an RC auto that your girl will love.

Depending on how much experience you have with the RC car hobby, you may not know how many different kinds of RC autos there are. Go take a look at the selection available from Horizon Hobby. Wow — how do you even begin to know which RC car or RC truck your girl will love?

Here’s a quick look at a few of the most popular RC auto categories. Start by deciding which of these your girl would have the most fun with. Then, you really can’t go wrong choosing any beginner-level RC car in that category.

Is she happiest chasing around in the backyard, splashing through puddles, and jumping over things? Then your girl will probably enjoy RC bashing best. Basher RC cars and trucks are all about making noise, getting dirty, and having fun. They’re durable and ideal for inexperienced RC drivers. ARRMA® BOOST basher RC autos are especially well-suited for beginners. Though affordable, ARRMA BOOST RC vehicles are well-made, with a variety of upgrade packages available to increase their performance.

Many kids get a kick out of driving RC versions of the real vehicles that their parents drive. In this case, scale RC autos are what you want. Take a look those in the Axial® brand. Not only does Axial include lots of exciting detail — lights, scale interiors, spare tires, and more — but because their specialty is rock crawling, these RC autos aren’t intended to go very fast. Instead, they’re made to maneuver well over rocks and other challenging obstacles. Many families take Axial RC autos along on hiking and camping trips to drive on the trails. That kind of adventure is fun at any age.

Girls enjoy competition, too. For your young Janet Guthrie or Danica Patrick, there are plenty of RC autos made for racing. The Losi® brand has a large variety of RC cars that look like real race cars, have all the advantages of the ready-to-run completion level, and use the same technology that wins international RC racing competitions. Take your daughter and her RC race car to the local hobby store’s RC track and let her show the boys how it’s done!

The RC auto hobby has a lot to offer for everyone — girls or boys, young or old. Share the hobby with children today, and you’ll be giving them a rewarding activity to enjoy for a lifetime.

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