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PBX Servo Arms 23T Servo Horn, Alum 6061: JR, Spektrum

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Pit Bull Xtreme RC - PBTPBH23T
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So you want a Servo Arm/Horn that can handle abuse and clear most other parts without having to shave it to make it fit. Duh? Why hasn't anyone else thought of that? We did! Welcome to the first of many new INNOVATIVE products hitting the market in 2017 under the Pit Bull RC banner! We don't imitate...we innovate! And just as important...we go out of our way to make sure that we make products that enhance your experience...AND we spell things in English correctly! We are Americans making products for fellow American enthusiasts who care about our hobby and not just trying to make a quick buck! INNOVATE, not just IMITATE! Pit Bull RC HARD PARTS! enough blustering/pontificating and venting. You want to know what's different, right?

1. Material #6061
2. Strong/Thick
3. Better Clearance b/c sits higher
4. Longer arm
5. 3 Mounting holes for drag link
6. Single Clamp Screw
3 Teeth configurations:
23T – JR
24T – Hi-Tech
25T – Savox, Futava, Expert by AMain

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  • PBX Servo Arms 23T Servo Horn, Alum 6061: JR, Spektrum