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30-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC V2: EC3

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E-flite - EFLA1030B
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The E-flite® 30-Amp Pro Switch-mode BEC Brushless ESC (V2). This is a high-quality sensorless brushless electronic speed control with an integrated switch-mode BEC that is very lightweight and efficient. It can operate without the need for a separate receiver battery to power your servos and receivers, saving you weight and complication.

Key Features

  • Up to 30 amps continuous current with proper air flow and 35 amps burst current (15 seconds)
  • 3.5A continuous current, 5V Switch-Mode BEC Circuit
  • Stronger BEC for support of most 3-axis stabilization systems
  • Drive up to 7 analog or 6 digital standard-size servos with the BEC
  • 3- to 4-cell Li-Po, 9- to 12-cell Ni-MH/Ni-Cd input voltage
  • Programmable motor braking
  • Safe power-arm mode prevents accidental starts
  • Programmable low voltage cutoff with settings for 3-cell Li-Po (9.2V), 4-cell Li-Po (12V) or 74% of battery starting voltage
  • Programmable throttle input range (1.1ms–1.9ms or 1.2ms–1.8ms)
  • Programmable soft start for helis and airplanes
  • Auto motor shut down if signal is lost or there is interference
  • Programmable timing - 5 user-selectable ranges for use with a large variety of brushless motors
  • Pre-wired connectors—E-flite EC3™ connector on battery input and 3.5mm gold bullet connectors on motor output leads

Product Specs

Maximum Burst Current
Maximum Continuous Current
Connector Type
Output Connector
3.5mm Bullet
BEC Voltage
3.5A continuous
Input Voltage
Part Type



3-4S LiPo refers to the cell count and chemistry of the battery. You don't say the size of the plane, or battery capacity you require, but 3S and 4S 2200mAh packs are common. Two examples would be SPMX22003S30 and SPMX22004S30. NiMH is a different chemistry, and less common. he cell voltage is lower, which is why 9-12 cells are needed rather than 3-4.