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3.7V 6000mAh 1S Transmitter Battery: iX12/NX6/NX8 Tx Plug (XH-1S)

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Spektrum - SPMB6000LITX
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  • Stock replacement battery for Spektrum iX12 Transmitter
  • 3X capacity upgrade for NX8 and NX6 Transmitters

Product Specs

Battery Type
LiPo (3.7V per cell)
Product Height
0.75" (19 mm)
Product Width
2.17" (55 mm)
Battery Voltage
Connector Type
White TX Plug
Product Length
2.72" (69 mm)
Product Weight
5.01 oz (142 g)


Yes, this adapter (DYNC0127) works with chargers that have a banana lead. The charger you are using must also be able to charge a 1s LiIon battery.

It is charged through the transmitter via a micro USB such as SPMA3067.

The provided 2,000mAh battery in the NX8 will last many hours of flight time before needing to recharged, easily a full day and likely much more (turning off between flights). This 6,000mAh will fit, and provide according longer operation.

There are no particular charging concerns or requirements. It still charges via the micro USB port on the Tx. Charging time is a little longer, as you might expect.