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    SPMR9900 - DX9

    Q.) Can I transfer models from my other Spektrum radios to my new DX9?

    A.) If your old radio is a DX7s or DX8 then the model files are NOT compatible. Only the DX6, DX9, DX10t, DX18, and DX18QQ can share model files. Keep in mind that channels and features which exist in both radios will function.

    Q.) Which receivers are compatible with the Spektrum DX9?

    A.) Any Spektrum/JR DSM2/DSMX receiver or DSM2/DSMX Bind-n-Fly equipped aircraft are compatible. DSM receivers such as the AR6000/BR6000 are NOT compatible.

    Q.) Which transmitters can I use as a wireless buddy box?

    A.) Any Spektrum/JR DSM2/DSMX transmitter can be bound to the DX9 for use as a wireless buddy box.

    SPMAR636 - AR636 6-Channel AS3X® Sport Receiver

    Q.) Where is the app for this?

    A.) If you have an Apple iPhone, go to the App Store and search for “Spektrum” or click here. Look for the app titled “Spektrum AS3X Programmer”. If you are using an iPad, please ensure that you have selected “iPhone only” on the upper left hand of the app store. If you are running an Android Mobile Device, click here. There is also a PC version of the app here. Visit for more information on AS3X.

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    Heli, Multi-Rotor

    Blade Chroma BLH8665

    Q.) Will the Chroma fit in the 350QX carrying case?

    A.) No, there is a new Rugged Design case coming soon for the Chroma, BLH8649 which will also accommodate the transmitter and extra batteries.

    Q.) I see the Chroma uses a proprietary cartridge type battery, can it be charged with any other chargers?

    A.) Available as an optional accessory the Flight Pack High-Current Charge Adapter, BLH8624, allows for charging from any compatible charger that supports banana plugs and the JST-XH style balance plugs.

    Q.) What is the range of the video transmission?

    A.) The range of the video link is 400m-600m depending on location, but the Chroma should always be operated within direct visual range per AMA guidelines.

    Q.) Is the camera transmitting over Wi-Fi to the ST10+ controller, or is it a dedicated radio link?

    A.) The camera and the ST-10+ controller setup and operate on an independent dedicated Wi-Fi link. Areas with heavy Wi-Fi saturation will see reduced performance.

    Q.) How does the Follow Me and Tracking modes work for the Bind-N-Fly and GoPro-ready models?

    A.) Follow Me, Tracking modes and telemetry data are only available on the ST-10+ controller.

    Q.) How do I land in follow me mode?

    A.) In follow-me and tracking modes, the Chroma will approach the ST-10+ transmitter and land approx 15ft short of it. At any time you can switch into AP mode and take manual control of the Quad.

    BLH8160 350 QX3 AP Combo

    Q.) What is the password for the CGO-2 Wi-Fi?

    A.) 1234567890

    BLH8100, BLH8180, BLH8160 350 QX3 & AP Combo

    Q.) How often should I calibrate the compass?

    A.) Calibrate the compass before each flight.

    Q.) Where can I see a list of helpful 350QX3 videos


    BLH3450 Blade 180CFX

    Be sure to register your receiver and check for firmware updates at

    BLH2000/2080 200 SR X

    Q.) Can I use my DX6i radio with the aircraft?

    A.) Yes, however the Dx6i does not support the panic button recovery feature.
    For details on programming this, please click here.
    Click here for information on how to program the gain on your 200 SRX.

    Q.) My helicopter does not seem to have any power, especially on a windy day.

    A.) You may need to switch from beginner mode in order to have more power to counter windy conditions. Beginner mode has limited flight envelope and low bank angle capabilities.

    Blade 7800A 350 QX

    Q.) I cannot get the GPS to lock?

    A.) You must be outside and away from all metal structures, including vehicles, building and furniture.

    Q.) How do I get Stability, Agility, AP and Smart mode?

    There are two methods to access Agility mode on the Blade 350QX:

    Method One requires extending the end points of the gear channel beyond 120%. This can be done on either end but will replace SMART or STABILITY with AGILITY depending on which end point is adjusted.

    • Agility

    • Smart

    • AP

    • Stability

    • Agility

    End Point

    Center Point

    End Point


    Method Two requires the addition of a program mix to select the 4th (AGILITY) flight mode.

    DX7 through DX18 (including the new DX6):
    MIX n
    Gear > Gear > 0% - 50%
    Switch: (MIX)

    Gear > Gear > 0% - 75%
    Switch: AIL D/R

    Activating the mix will allow for AGILITY mode if you're in STABILITY mode.


    E-Flite EFL7150 Night VisionAire

    Q.) My Night Visionaire will not bind or initialize.

    A.) The AR636 w/SAFE that comes with the Night Visionaire will not initialize unless the plane is sitting motionless on its landing gear. In this orientation the receiver is upside down (label-side down). If you are looking at the receiver when binding, chances are the plane is on its back and the receiver will never initialize label-side up.

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