Meet Chandra Patey and the Limited Edition Carbon Cub S


Meet Chandra Patey and the Limited Edition Carbon Cub S


Chandra Patey became a licensed pilot after 5 months of secretly training in 2003. With no idea that his wife had even considered flying, her husband, Mike Patey, about fell over in shock as she landed and rolled up right in front of him in their Cessna 172! Chandra’s initial intent for piloting was to be a capable emergency back-up to her husband, but she quickly discovered her own joy flying from the pilot seat.

In 2018, she kicked it up a notch and pursued her tailwheel endorsement. Soon after, she discovered the perfect back-country plane for herself: a beautiful Cub Crafters Carbon Cub SS. The adventures became endless! She often says, “landing my airplane off-field is one of the greatest feelings ever. It feels naughty, but it isn’t! I giggle every time!”

In releasing the Chandra Patey Limited Edition Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m, we asked Chandra a few questions about her love of flying and her love of the Carbon Cub. What we found was that Chandra has a true passion for aviation.

Chandra wants to inspire women everywhere to pursue their passions.

“My parents taught me that a woman can achieve anything a man can. Generally speaking, women may not have the same brute strength as a man, but with a creative light and a go-getter attitude, we can maneuver our way to success.

I am blessed to be a woman within the aviation community. I feel a special connection to other female pilots who broke out of the norm in pursuit of their passions. My personal aviation heroes and inspiration are the “Night Witches” of WWII. These women were ill-equipped, had little time to hone their skills, and faced adversity at every turn. Despite their disadvantages, the Night Witches yielded many victories with their ingenuity and unique talents. Women are resilient, unstoppable, and capable in any endeavor they set their hearts and minds to. With every new accomplishment, my soul ignites and grows.”

Why Chandra chose the Carbon Cub to be her plane.

“The Carbon Cub was built for low and slow. It’s perfect for back country flights and landing off-field. A simple commute from point A to B shifts into a sight-seeing adventure in my Carbon Cub and this is my favorite way to fly. Like life, it is all about the experience.”

You’ll fall in love with the Carbon Cub, too, with these great RC activities.

  • Tighten your slow-flight skills and touch down right on a placed target;
  • Structure your markers to see how short your take-off and landing distances are;
  • Touch down with only one of the main wheels and then take off again;
  • Drive the main wheels along a winding path with the tail up (fly the tail only);
  • Fly slow as possible, barely above the landing area, without touching the ground or stalling for as long as you can;
  • Maintain control while taking-off and landing over a hilly or bumpy area;
  • Land and take-off of on an uphill/downhill or side-hill slope;
  • “STOL Drag” - set up a course with 2 ends. Take-off from the beginning marker and land beyond the end marker, full stop, then turn around and fly back. The first one to land beyond the beginning marker to a full stop wins; and
  • Set up a course with several full-stop landing spots—quickest time back wins!

The Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m Chandra Patey Limited Edition RTF

The HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m Chandra Patey Limited Edition RTF is based on the best-selling Carbon Cub S 2. This SAFE® equipped model is one of the most versatile, capable, and easiest to fly RC airplanes with scale looks to match.

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