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Image for V-300 LED Voltmeter from HorizonHobby
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V-300 LED Voltmeter V-300 LED Voltmeter V-300 LED Voltmeter

Key Features

  • Check 4-cell or 5-cell Rx battery packs
  • Solid state circuitry
  • 24" long cord with universal connector
  • compact in size 2 1/4" x 1 11/16" x 11/16"
  • Accurate within +-.04V for 4-cell packs and +- .05V for 5-cell packs


It's late in the afternoon, and you've been flying most of the day. The wind has finally subsided, and there's just enough time for one more flight before the sunsets. You're ready; how about your batteries? With Expert's V300 Voltmeter, you'll know in seconds if it's safe to fly or if it's time to recharge.

The Expert V-300 Voltmeter features an LED bar graph display. 10 LEDs (3 green, 4 yellow, and 3 red) are displayed in a bar graph for easy viewing on the current state of charge of your receiver battery pack. Each LED's color corresponds to that of a stoplight: green for go, yellow for warning, and red for stop-do not fly before recharging. Switch selectable, you can test both 4-cell and 5-cell receiver packs under a 300 mA current load to simulate the typical operating current.

Using the V-300 is very simple: Move the slide switch to correspond to the appropriate voltage level of the pack being tested (4.8V 4-cell or 6V 5-cell) and plug the V-300's universal connector into the charge jack. In 10 seconds you have an accurate and stable reading, so at a glance you know if you can safely fly.

Field Equipment: Voltmeters


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