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Image for RTF Pyramid Racer Tecmo RC Kite from HorizonHobby
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RTF Pyramid Racer Tecmo RC Kite

Key Features

  • 100% Carbon Frame
  • High Modulus P-Series Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon Tubes
  • 6mm Carbon Exel spine insert
  • 3/4 oz High Performance Rip-stop Nylon
  • Wind Range: 0 to 12 mph
  • Premier V780 High Performance Brushless Motor
  • 3 cell, 11.4 volt 1050mAh LiPo


In 2008, a brilliant RC hobbyist in Solingen, Germany made a pioneering breakthrough and developed a revolutionary method to propel and control un-tethered kites. Instead of moving control surfaces, he moved the actual direction of thrust. By developing an elegant combination of a lightweight brushless motor, modern RC servos and a Cardanic gimbal system, he solved all problems of propulsion and control in one bold stroke. With a high thrust electric motor mounted inside a controllable gimbal, the system achieves full three axis control by augmenting thrust up, down, left , right, or in any combination. Pitch, yaw, roll and forward speed are all achieved by the combination of up-down and left-right thrust positioning along with proportional speed control of the brushless motor. Since the thrust on the propulsion unit is totally controlled in the way of both magnitude and direction, the propulsion assembly was christened a Vector Thrust Control Unit.

The Pyramid Racer is the aerobatic dragster of the Vector Kite revolution. Seasoned RC aircraft pilots will love this one! Easy to get started but at the same time quick and nimble, this Vector Powered Kite is capable of wild stunts never seen before by kite or aircraft. Crazy stalled tumbles and on-axis spins allow radical maneuvers only possible through Vector Thrust. Fast moving with good wind penetration, the Pyramid Racer can be flown in all "park flyer" conditions. If you have flown RC before, then you are ready to jump right into this one.

Package includes: Pyramid Racer Kite and fully-assembled Vector Power Unit, complete with transmitter, receiver, spare propeller, battery, battery charger, Vector Kite Field Bag and kite case.

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Prop-Saver PMR10211
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