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Image for RS600 6-Channel Universal FM Receiver w/o Crystal from HorizonHobby
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RS600 6-Channel Universal FM Receiver w/o Crystal


Based on the popular R700 that topped the performance levels of all other FM receivers tested by a well-known independent lab, JR SPORT’s new 6-channel RS600 is a proven, shift-selectable receiver engineered to operate with all major transmitter brands, including Futaba and HiTec.

JR has a unique signal processing system called ABC&W. ABC&W stands for Automatic Blocking Circuit with Window. ABC&W systems have distinct advantages over single or dual conversion receivers. ABC&W systems create a very small electronic window that looks for the specific frequency that the receivers crystal is on. Any signal that is off spec for this window is rejected, and then the allowed signal is cleaned up, amplified, and re-routed through the window many, many times till all that is left is the pure signal on the channel that is coming from your transmitter and then sent on to the servos. This all takes place without any noticeable delay of response from your stick movement to the servo. This technology is the reason that JR can produce single conversion receivers that have fewer components and weigh less than other single and dual conversion receivers without the worry about outside interference.

Band: 72MHz
Channels: 6
Modulation: FM/PPM
Range: Full



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