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DS378HV High Voltage Digital MG Thin Wing Servo
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Key Features

  • Designed for 2S Li-Po operation
  • 11mm wide case design offers a thin servo for easy installation
  • JR 3 year warranty
  • Metal geartrain provides durability and longevity
  • Proven JR precision for accuracy and performance
  • High Speed for better performance


The DS378HV offers the superb holding torque, minimal dead band and high resolution of JR digital technology in a package that's ideal for high-performance aircraft. Its impressive 75 oz-in of available torque is sure to withstand higher demanding applications. Features such as the 11mm wide case design, metal geartrain, and ability to use 2S Li-Po batteries without a regulator with simpler set up for better performance makes this servo top notch. Combine these features with a JR’s 3 year warranty makes this servo a great value for all enthusiast.

Battery chemistries such as LiPo, LiIon, and LiFe have become very popular within the RC community. They are the standard for powering electric motors and have also gained popularity as receiver battery packs. The issue is the output voltage of these batteries is higher then the previous standard 4 - and 5-cell NiCd and NiMH packs, 4.8V and 6V respectively. The higher voltage is not an issue with the receivers but can be for the servos. Many servos will not operate at these higher voltages for very long before burning out the motors or electronics.

To get around this issue modelers have had to use a regulator to drop the voltage to an acceptable operating range for their servos, usually around 5 to 6 volts. The addition of a regulator adds a component that, should it fail, can cause the loss of a model.

JR’s HV servos are designed with motors and electronics that operate off the direct voltage of a 2-cell LiPo, LiIon, or LiFe receiver battery pack (6.6V to 7.4V nominal voltage). This eliminates the need for a regulator and lowers the chance for a power failure that can cause a catastrophic failure of your model. Also note that the HV servo specs are shown at the higher voltage (7.4V 2S LiPo) but will still operate on a standard 5-cell 6V NiCd, Ni MH battery with a reduction in performance of approximately 10% in speed and torque.

Bearing: Dual
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Gear Type: Metal
Servo Operating Voltage: 6.0 - 7.4V (HV)
Servo Size Category: Specialty
Servo Type: Digital
Speed: 0.13 sec/60 deg
Torque: 75 oz-in (5.4kg-cm)


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Product Support

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