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Advanced Aerobatics Training Manual


Advanced Aerobatics is an excellent reference for those seeking to quickly develop their skills flying the most rewarding maneuvers in the sport.

Presented in the concise building-block format of our previous books, Advanced Aerobatics uses detailed illustrations and matching stick positions to guide flyers proficient at basic aerobatics through the techniques required to fly the advanced maneuvers — otherwise known as, the really fun stuff!

Utilizing the DAS System, special techniques designed to enhance practice effectiveness focus the pilot's attention on controlling what the airplane does instead of reacting to it (essential for success at the advanced level).

Maneuvers taught include:

Inverted and knife-edge flight
Slow rolls and hesitation rolls
Inside and outside Snap Rolls
Upright and inverted Spins
Flat and crossover spins
Vertical rolls and snap rolls
Humpty bumps and bridges
P loops
Rolling turns and circles
3D Lomcevak
and more.

After learning the advanced maneuvers, the ways that they can be combined and rearranged are practically infinite. So, if you are the type of flyer who is not content to remain at one skill level very long, Advanced Aerobatics will keep your flying rewarding for many years to come!


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