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Image for Vibe 50NEX Flybarless Kit: V5FBL from HorizonHobby
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Vibe 50NEX Flybarless Kit: V5FBL

Key Features

  • All-metal flybarless rotor head included
  • Completely redesigned heli with many features taken from the Vibe™ 90SG
  • Carbon frame, tail and longitudinal frame braces
  • 120/140 CCPM system
  • Shaft-driven tail with robust tail box and gears to handle the most extreme 3D flying
  • Includes pre-painted red, white and black high-quality FRP fiberglass canopy
  • Reduced parts count for faster assembly and lighter weight, over 150 g weight savings over previous design

Needed To Complete

A complete radio system capable of 120 degree or 140 degree CCPM w/3ea collective servos, or 1 servo 90-degree swash, 3-axis gyro system, 1ea throttle servo, 1ea tail rotor servo

6" to 9" servo lead extensions; several may be required (JRPA095, JRPA096)

50-size nitro heli engine with muffler and glow plug

Fuel filter set (JRP960298)

600mm carbon main rotor blades, 12mm thick grips, 4mm bolt hole (warning: wooden rotor blades are unusable)

Helicopter Fuel, 15%-30% nitromethane

Fuel Pump, 12-Volt Electric Starter and 12-Volt Starter Battery, Glow Plug igniter, Glow Plug Extension, Starting Shaft


Everything about the JR® Vibe 50™ NEX flybarless heli screams performance. With its newly designed flybarless rotor head, and a dual-stacked carbon frame, similar to the Vibe 90SG, JR heli engineers have created an exceptionally nimble and rigid machine to tackle the most extreme stick-bending maneuvers. In fact, many of the NEX design features were handed down from its big brother the Vibe 90SG heli. Features like metal blade grips, red anodized parts and three-color pre-painted fiberglass canopy make the NEX model the new standard for JR helis.

While the new Vibe 50NEX FBL model may be the most potent JR 50 heli ever, its quality and ease of operation make it a joy to build and service. Modular construction and careful engineering make the Vibe 50NEX heli perfect for active 3D fliers. Easy access to the fuel tank and quick removal of the engine make routine maintenance a snap.

The more you look into the Vibe heli, the more you’re going to want one.

Approximate Assembly Time: 10-15 Hours
Completion Level: Kit
Flying Weight: 7.72 lb (3.5kg)
Main Gear Ratio: 8.7:1
Main Rotor Blade Length: 600mm
Prop Diameter: 53.58 in (1361mm),53.58 in (1361mm)
Rotor Type: Collective Pitch Single Rotor
Size/Scale: Glow 50
Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.16 in (258mm),10.16 in (258mm)


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