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Key Features

  • Integrated 1-6S Li-Po balancer
  • 8-amp charge rate provides quick charge times
  • 5-amp discharge rate
  • AC/DC input provides flexible charging capabilities
  • Blue backlit screen for easy viewing
  • Charges 1-6S Li-Po/Li-Ion /Li-Fe, 1-14 cell Ni-Cd/Ni-MH, 2/6/12V Pb batteries
  • Jog dial navigation provides easy navigation of menu
  • Removable power cords allow you to only utilize the power cord you need
  • JST-XH balance connector type works with many of today's popular Li-Po batteries (THP and Losi balance adapters available separately)
  • Included adapters feature charge outputs for Deans Ultra plugs, Tamiya plugs and Tamiya to receiver and BEC-style adapters (Deans and Tamiya plugs feature banana output terminals)
  • 12-bit CPU controller provides precise operation
  • Last setting parameter memory
  • Reverse and short circuit protection
  • 100W power supply supports extremely powerful charge rates and easily outperforms competing chargers rated at 50 watts or lower
  • Includes magnetic battery temperature probe


Dynamite's Passport Ultra AC/DC charger/cycler brings to market a compact, feature-packed charger at a price point that blows the competition away.  With features such as Integrated Balance Technology, 1-6S Li-Po, Li-Ion, Pb, and Li-Fe charging capabilities, 1–14 cell Ni-MH and Ni-Cd charging as well as AC/DC operation, this charger represents the ultimate multi-purpose charger/cycler. Need a charger with a high current charge rate?  Look no further as the Passport Ultra 'brings it' with an 8-amp charge rate and a 5-amp discharge rate, providing extremely quick charge and discharge times.  Other features include jog dial navigation, a removable power cord, and a built-in temp sensor for added safety and security.  In addition to its long list of features, the Passport Ultra looks as good as it performs with an anodized aluminum faceplate and a durable outside casing.  Known for providing superb quality,  performance oriented, high value products, Dynamite does it again with the Passport Ultra AC/DC charger/cycler.

WARNING: Never leave charger unattended, exceed maximum charge rate, charge with non-approved batteries or charge batteries in the wrong mode. Failure to comply may result in excessive heat, fire and serious injury.

NOTICE: A charger is not a toy. To ensure proper function and to avoid risk of injury and damage, read and follow all instructions before operating the product.

Battery Type: 1–6S LiFe, LiIon, LiPo; 1–14C NiCd, NiMH; Pb
Discharge: yes Cutoff Adjustable
Input: 100–240V AC or 12V DC
LCD: Blue Backlit 16 Character Display
Maximum Current: 0.1 to 5.0A
Normal/Standard Charge Rate: 0.1 to 8.0A
Output Connector: Banana
Overload Protection: Reverse and short circuit
Peak: Yes
Trickle Charge Rate: 50-200mA or Off

Parts Listing

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Optional Accessories

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