Idea & Invention Submissions

Horizon Hobby (Horizon) continually receives many letters from our friends proposing ideas for our use. We appreciate this interest in Horizon and want to thank everyone who has taken valuable time to contact us. In order for us to consider any submitted ideas or inventions without creating misunderstandings, we follow certain terms and conditions. Please understand that submission of an idea or invention indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.

Horizon must protect its interests and avoid misunderstandings or disputes with submitters when Horizon’s products might seem similar to ideas submitted to us. For this reason, we will not consider any idea submitted unless the submitter agrees to these terms and conditions. Similarly, we strongly encourage every person to protect himself or herself before disclosing an idea or invention to us. For information regarding protection of intellectual property, we have provided a link to the United States Patent and Trademark Office at

To be clear, nearly all ideas and inventions which are new, useful, and practical to us begin within Horizon Hobby. This is because we have an experienced and innovative technical staff who continually strive to invent, enhance, and refine products. Furthermore, our staff has access to a large amount of information including our own patent portfolio and prior publications. Because of these circumstances, many of the submitted ideas are known to us or already exist in our prior patents or publications.

Please note that Horizon does not consider submission of ideas or inventions confidential and receipt of your submission does not create any obligation of Horizon in any way. Your submission is voluntary, without restriction, and you grant Horizon freedom to use the information provided. Horizon does not accept any legal obligation with respect to any aspect of any submission. Furthermore, Horizon specifically reserves the right to implement similar ideas in the future without restriction or obligation. Please keep a complete copy of anything you submit. Do not submit unique or one-of-a-kind materials as Horizon is not liable for their protection or safe return.

Horizon utilizes two separate processes for idea submission. The first process is for non-patented, non-patentable or unregistered ideas, materials, concepts, names, or like materials. The second process is for patented, patent-pending, registered, or otherwise protected ideas, materials, concepts, names, or like protectable materials. For convenience, all submissions will be referred to as an “Idea”, regardless of the content or whether there are multiple elements to an Idea. Please click on the appropriate link below for terms and conditions specific to each process.

Is this concept patented, patent-pending, registered, or otherwise protected?

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