Join the ECX® Amp Camp, Build Your Own Monster Truck, then take it HOME!

There is no better way to learn about the basics of RC! Attend an ECX Amp camp and learn the basics from knowledable staff members and take your hand built RC Vehicle home with confidence that will maximize your fun! If you would like to participate in an ECX Amp Camp, please call your Local Horizon Hobby Retailer and register! If there are no Amp Camps taking place in your area, ask your retailer about scheduling an Amp Camp.

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Wrench Away!
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Prestige World-Wide!

Frequently Asked Questions

What doest it cost?

The cost is up to the Horizon Hobby retailer. Different Hobby shops can offer different amenities like food and race track access, so prices can vary.

How long is the camp?

The details of length and time are up to the retailer. Most camps are 4-day camps where 3 hours a day the camp can focus on specific areas of the manual and education.

Can the parents attend?

We highly encourage parents to attend, but it is not absolutely necessary.

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