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XS3 Synth FM Pistol, w/1 SZ590 & SZ270

by JR (JRP317275)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Static Brake, Panic Brake, Steering Trim Rate Adjustments. These allow on-the-fly digital adjustments of critical race functions.
  • Fast Frame Rate Modulation. Selectable PPM, High speed or Normal.
  • Emergency Steering Button. Allows driver to achieve full servo travel regardless of steering rate dial position.
  • Selectable 3rd channel function. Can be programmed for linear operation (through digital trim), dual position (through grip button C for T-Maxx users) or inhibited (to use 3rd channel for mixing).
  • All the "Standards" you'd expect. Servo Reversing, End-Point Adjustment, Sub-Trim, Model Naming, Copy Model Function, Digital Steering/Throttle Trim, Clear Data Function.


JR’s newest racing radio control system is an incredible combination of synthesized signal simplicity and an outstanding list of features. Using synthesized signal processing, the XS3 allows racers to dispense with crystals and adjust their system’s signal to whatever frequency the track environment requires. No more sitting out a heat because someone else shares the same channel. Racers can simply tune in an unused frequency and continue racing.

Detailed Information

Along with this sophisticated new technology, the XS3 features all the outstanding programming functions that users of other JR systems have come to know and love. This includes multipoint throttle curves, dual-rate steering, 6-model memory, exponential and many other tuning options. The XS3 even has a separate button for use with nitro trucks that have reversible transmissions, such as the Traxxas T-Maxx.

Each XS3 system includes one Z590M metal gear servo and one Z270 servo and is available in 75MHz or 27MHz bandwidths. The XS3 is available wherever the best racing systems are sold.

"The XS3 has the right features that racers need. It's easy to program and the fact that I never have to wait for a frequency clip means more practice time on the track." - Ron Rossetti, McCoy 1/8-Scale Winner




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