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Venture 50 3D ARF Heli Kit: V50

by JR (JRP9015)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Preassembled; just add your favorite .50-size heli engine and radio equipment
  • Includes 2-oz header tank for reliable engine runs and extended flight time
  • Dual tail boom braces for increased tail support and gain settings
  • High quality swash plate
  • Heavy-duty spindle w/three dampeners
  • Aluminum center hub w/thrust bearings
  • Aluminum engine mount
  • Limited slip differential clutch


That's how Model Airplane News reviewer Rick Bell described the Venture 50 3D ARF’s aerobatic prowess. Then, after noting its "outstanding  instruction manual", its "versatile performance", "low parts count" and the “minimal assembly required", Rick summed it all up like this:  "Whether you're a novice, an intermediate or expert pilot, the Venture 50 3D ARF gives you a lot of bang for your buck"!

The new, almost-ready-to-fly Venture 50 3D ARF combines .50-size power with the simplicity of the original Venture CP's pre-assembled frame and CCPM flight control.

All the really complicated assembly, like the rotor head and mainframe, are done at the factory. What little assembly is left to the modeler-basically bolting on the tail assembly and installing the servos and engine-can be finished in a single afternoon. Best of all, the Venture 50 3D's price tag is well within reach of budget-minded modelers who really want a hot 3D machine but don't have a lot to spend.




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