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ShockWave 55 Super Sport RTR

by Pro Boat (PRB2650)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • High-performance Zenoah™ G26M gas engine and tuned exhaust
  • Enhanced engine mounting system makes maintenance and adjustment easy
  • Clutch and water pump let the ShockWave® 55 SS idle safely without overheating
  • Stainless steel dual-rudder design offers incredibly sharp handling and durability
  • High-quality, prepainted, fiberglass composite deep-V hull with Super Sport trim scheme
  • JR® XR3i 3-channel FM radio system installed
  • Custom boat stand included

Needed To Complete

Zenoah™ 2-Cycle Oil (ZEN20001)
CA or epoxy glue
Flex shaft lubrication 
Fuel container
Fuel Pump (HAN155)
12 AA alkaline batteries (8 for the transmitter and 4 for the receiver)
Gasoline (+87 Octane) ethanol-free


The Pro Boat® ShockWave® 55 SS is a professionally built, ready-to-run deep-V fiberglass model. Powered by the potent Zenoah™ G26M engine, the boat has a clutch, water pump, dual rudders and tuned pipe.

Detailed Information

The new Shockwave 55 Super Sport RTR Deep-V Speedboat features scale detail, incredible Super Sport handling and intense power, all in a ready-to-run package.
Pull the cord to start the installed Zenoah G26M engine. The sound of intense horsepower is tempered only by the tuned pipe and your hand on the throttle.
Pull the trigger on the included JR XR3i transmitter; dual rudders cut through the waves for sharp turns at high speeds.
The clutch system allows you to start and tune the engine without the propeller engaging, for safer setup and operation. And the water pump design ensures that the engine will get plenty of cooling, even while the boat is standing still in the water. Stainless steel dual rudders have been specially designed to maximize the ShockWave’s cornering ability and handling. The Pro Boat propeller and adjustable surface drive system offer plenty of thrust for maximum speed.




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