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PowerBox Royal Spektrum 12K Combo

by PowerBox Systems GmbH (PBS4810)

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Integrated Spektrum 12 channel DSM2 2.4 receiver system
  • 2048 resolution
  • 28 servo inputs
  • 12 output channels
  • 20 servos adjustable on 5 channels
  • Double battery monitoring with backlit LCD graphic display of simulated dial instruments
  • Consumption indicator for both batteries
  • Low volatage memory for both batteries
  • On board 'Black Box' data acquisition module
  • Amplifies signal to servos
  • Regulates voltage to 5.9 or 7.0 volts, 40amps
  • Isloates the reciever from possilble RF noise
  • Fail safe electric switch with 2 battery control
  • Supports three battery types: LiPo, NiMH/NiCd, LiFePo


Key Features
Integral SpektrumTM 2.4 DSM2® twelve-channel receiver
2048-step resolution
Double-regulated output voltage
5 match-channels for a total of 20 servos
Signal amplification for a total of 12 channels and 28 servos
Integral Flight Logger for assessing reception quality
Selectable servo voltage of 5.9 V or 7.0 V
LCD screen for comprehensive battery monitoring
Energy consumption display in mAh for both batteries
Regulator monitor on the LCD screen
Minimum value memory displays voltage collapses in flight
Supports three battery types: LiPo, NiMH / NiCd, LiFePo
Extra-large heat-sink area for even higher performance
Suppression of servo feedback currents


The PowerBox Royal Spektrum 12K represents the newest generation of a power control unit with integrated Spektrum 12 channel DSM2 receiver technology. With this newly developed product consumers will have a powerful Dual-Power-Control system for their valuable model airplane along with the security of Spektrum's DSM 2.4GHz technology. This allows not only the extra safety advantage of coupling two on board flight battery-packs, but the most robust RF link in the industry.

The PowerBox Royal Spektrum 12K is housed in an elegant, high-quality injection moulded case. The capacity of the linear regulated voltage for the servos has been substantially increased in order to cope with the latest current-hungry servos. The voltage for the servos can also be selected by the pilot himself: either 5.9 Volts or - if the electronic design of the servos permits - 7.0 Volts. The 7.0 Volt supply also features linear stabilization to ensure that the servos run perfectly synchronously.

The unit's comprehensive adjustment facilities for three control channels are particularly important with F3A-X class model aircraft, as they often feature multiple servos coupled to each control surface. The ultra-precise electronic servo adjustment available with the PowerBox Royal Spektrum 12K enables them to exploit their full potential power and transit speed; at the same time they also draw considerably less current than servos adjusted by mechanical means.

Flight-relevant data can also be read out on the backlit LCD screen after the model has landed.


Operating voltage: 4.0 Volt to 9.0 Volt
Power supply: 2 x 2-cell LiPo batteries, 7.4 Volt,

2 x 5-cell NiCd or NiMH batteries,
2 x 2-cell LiFePo batteries (A123)
Current drain: Power-on state, complete with four

satellite receivers and LCD screen:
approx.280 mA
Power-off state approx. 2 x 15 µA
Drop-out voltage: approx. 0.25 V
Max. servo current: 2 x 10 A (stabilised) according

to cooling peak 2 x 20 A
Receiver type: Spektrum DSM2 2.4 GHz,

12 channels
Modulation type: DSSS
Servo sockets: 28 servo sockets, 12 channels
Match-channels: 5 channels, 20 servos
Temperature range: -20°C to +75°C
Dimensions: 136 x 82 x 20 mm (incl. base plate)
Weight: 165 g
SensorSwitch: 15 g
LCD screen: 80 g
EMV approval: EN 55014-1:2006
CE approval: 2004/108/EG
Protected design: DE 203 13 420.6
U.S. Patent: 7,931,320




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