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Phoenix R/C Pro Sim Version 3.0 w/DX5e Mode 1


This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Includes a *Mode 1* DX5e DSMX transmitter
  • Over 150 accurate and detailed models, including all styles of helicopters, airplanes, watercraft, autogyros and more!
  • More models and flying sites than ever before, including accurate flybarless physics and helicopters.
  • Additional models, flying sites and features released for free download on a regular basis.
  • Fly with and learn from other pilots around the World with fully-featured Internet/LAN multiplayer mode - with voice-chat.


Grab your transmitter and get ready to fly like you’ve never flown before. ParkZone®, E-flite®, Hangar 9®, Blade®, and JR® Heli—all the brands you know and love are featured in this edition. You can even fly with other pilots around the world via the Internet Multiplayer Mode. Without a doubt, the Phoenix RC Professional Radio Control Flight Simulation will take the fun of flying—and your piloting skills—to new heights. Free downloads of new Horizon Hobby aircraft and other sceneries can be found at phoenix-sim.com

Fly on screen with a real transmitter.
More than advanced graphics will make your flying experience realistic. So will the included DX5e 2.4GHz DSM® transmitter. It’s the same one thousands of RC enthusiasts use every day. And you can fly all of the simulator’s virtual aircraft with it right on your screen. Best of all, it’s completely risk-free—you’ll learn to fly without fear of damaging real RC aircraft.

Take to the skies.
Once you’ve mastered flying on screen, you can use your DX5e to fly the real aircraft you’ve been practicing with. And you can do it all with state of-the-art technology. The DX5e’s advanced 2.4GHz DSM technology lets you fly without interference and frequency conflicts from other RC pilots.

Endless possibilities when you Bind-N-Fly.
The fully functional DX5e is compatible with many planes and helicopters, including all the Bind-N-Fly® aircraft like the Blade® mCX or ParkZone P-51D Mustang. With Bind-N-Fly, you just pick a plane, bind it to your DX5e (or any other Spektrum transmitter) and fly. For more information on Bind-N-Fly, visit www.bindnfly.com.

Mode I
The control stick configuration with the rudder and elevator being controlled by the left stick while the right stick controls the throttle and ailerons.

Mode II
The control stick configuration with the ailerons and elevator being controlled by the right stick while the left stick controls the rudder and throttle.

Technical Notes

To successfully use Phoenix, you will need the following:

• IBM-compatible PC computer with 1.0 GHz Pentium 3/4 or AMD Athlon/64 compatible processor or better

• Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system
• 256MB system memory (RAM)
• 1.5 GB free, uncompressed hard-disk space
• ATI Radeon 9800/NVidia Geforce Ti4200 with at least 128MB memory or better
• Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher
• DVD-ROM Drive for installation
• 1 free USB 1.1/2.0 port
• 100% DirectX 9 compatible sound card (optional)

Or alternatively:

• An Intel-based Apple Macintosh computer running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 with the above specifications under one of the following systems:

• Boot Camp (recommended)
• VMWare Fusion (latest version)
• Parallels (latest version)

More information on using Bootcamp can be found on the Apple website.

Phoenix does not run on older non-Intel Macintosh computers, or the Apple OSX operating system.

Adapter Requirements:
Adapters may be required depending on the transmitter you wish to use.

All JR (No adapter required)

Spektrum DX4e/DX6/DX6i/DX7/DX7s/DX8 (No adapter required) - Note: The DX7se is not compatible with the simulator.
Spektrum DX5e older-style with SIDE training port (Adapter required, RTMASPMDX5E)
Spektrum DX5e new-style with REAR training port (no adapter required)
All Futaba (Futaba round or square adapter required, RTMAFUTRND or RTMAFUTSQ)
Futaba FX-18 with 2.5mm stereo training port (FX-18 adapter required, RTMAFUTFX18)
Hitec Aurora (no adapter required
All Hitec except Aurora (Hitec adapter required, RTMAFUTRND)
All Multiplex (Multiplex adapter required, RTMAMULTI)
All Airtronics/Sanwa RD and RDS series (Sanwa adapter required) (RTMAAIRSAN)
E-sky ETB41 2.4GHz (no adapter required)
Other E-sky (Mini-DIN adapter required, RTMAMINIDIN)
Co-Pilot (Mini-DIN adapter required, RTMAMINIDIN)
Blade CX, CX-2, CX-3, CP, CP+, CP Pro, CP Pro 2 and Blade SR (Mini-DIN adapter required, RTMAMINIDIN)
ParkZone Transmitters with training jack (DX5e adapter required, RTMASPMDX5E)
Art-tech 100B (No adapter required)
Art-tech 100C (Art-tech 100C adapter required, RTMAARTWALK)
Walkera 2401, 2601 (Using MINI-DIN adapter supplied with transmitter)
Walkera 2402, 2602, 2801 (Adapter required, RTMAARTWALK)

All Graupner MC/MX (no adapter required) - ** MC-series requires "DSC Interface" Accessory **

Please note that the following transmitters are not supported:

No USB controller devices/joysticks
Spektrum DX7 "SE" version (This radio has no training output for R/C simulators)
Hobbyzone transmitters and any transmitter included with ParkZone or E-Flite Ultra Micro products
All Walkera except 2401, 2402, 2601, 2602 and 2801 (see above)
Any other transmitter without a compatible training port




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