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North Wind 36 Sailboat

by ABC Hobby Co. Ltd. (ABC59300)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Hydrodynamically designed hull, keel and bulb offer great performance
  • Pre-colored deck and hull requires no painting
  • Aircraft grade aluminum 2-piece mast
  • Detailed scale deck hardware
  • Watertight radio compartment


Whether you're looking for some smooth sailing or some racing fun, check out ABC Hobby's North Wind 36. As long as you've got some wind, it's a breeze to run - it requires no extra field equipment to carry along, is very safe (with no spinning propellers), and is also environmentally friendly (emitting no noise).

The North Wind 36 is a 36/600 Development Class yacht that encourages new yacht designs, limited only by an overall hull length of 36" and sail area of 600 square inches. Being the smallest Development Class yacht, the 36/600 is also one of the most popular to sail because it's economical to build, easily transported, and fun to sail.

All the Features You Want
The North Wind 36 features a durable one-piece deck and hull that requires no painting, an aircraft-grade, aluminum two-piece mast supporting the main sail and jib sail that can be easily separated for transport, a hydrodynamically designed hull, keel and bulb for great performance, scale appearance with detailed deck hardware, watertight radio compartment, decals for the hull, and wooden boat stand. In addition, no special sail winch is required, so you can use standard servos. The only equipment needed to complete the kit is a 2-channel radio system for operating the steering (rudder) and sail.

The North Wind 36 semi-scale sailing yacht comes in kit form and requires assembly. When we put it together, we did not have the instructions available to us, and it took about 14 hours to completely assemble. And though it is possible to assemble without the instructions, you'll find the exploded diagrams included with the instructions will make assembly very smooth. You'll also appreciate the section on attaching the sail and setting up the rigging, as it includes diagrams on how to make the knots used to tie the sails and the proper lengths for all the rigging. At the back of the manual is a section that introduces sailing terms and explains how to sail the North Wind.

Smooth Sailing
Once assembled, you'll find smooth sailing ahead with sailing characteristics designed for both the novice and experienced captains in mind. For the novice, the North Wind's size and design make the yacht quite easy to control. For a more experienced captain, the quick response and speed make the North Wind ideal for competitive sailing. Equipped with a weight lead keel and having an overall height of 65 1/2", the North Wind is capable of handling most sailing conditions with winds of up to 18 mph.




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