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by Novak Electronics (NOV1711)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Optimized for use with Spread Spectrum Transmitters for improved performance and cooler operating temperatures
  • Compatible with brushless and brushed motors
  • Includes five brushless throttle profiles (3 forward/brake and 2 w/reverse)
  • Includes one fully-adjustable brushed throttle profile (forward/brake)
  • 4 Adjustable Parameters: Minimum Brake, Drag Brake, Dead Band, and Minimum Drive, as well as Drive Frequency (In Brushed Mode Only)
  • Built-in Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry
  • User-friendly programming interface with 4 status LEDs
  • Novak’s One-Touch Set-Up (still the easiest)
  • Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs
  • User-replaceable, plug-in style input and switch harness
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Water-resistant case
  • Factory-installed power capacitor module
  • Clear cooling fan (30x30x8mm) mounted on factory-installed heat sink
  • Radio Priority Circuitry
  • Polar Drive Circuitry


Always a technological leader, Novak has upgraded the GTB ESC to work with spread spectrum systems from manufacturers such as Spektrum™, Nomadio™, and Futaba™. Since spread spectrum technology uses a much higher frequency, 2.4Ghz to be precise, this has allowed Novak to finally unleash the full potential of the GTB speed control. Both new GTB models now have significantly faster MOSFET switching speeds, which provide improved performance and cooler operating temperatures. In short, the ESC gets power and increased operational efficiency at the same time!

MOSFET switching speed is a key feature for the spread spectrum specific GTBs. The MOSFET switching speed is not just the frequency of the ESC, it’s actually how fast the ESC’s MOSFETs turn on and off. With regular radios, ESCs are limited by how fast they switch on and off. If it switches too fast, the radio system will experience interference. With spread spectrum technology this is not an issue. Novak Engineers have been able to take full advantage of this great new technology and now offer a high-speed switching GTB for all spread spectrum users. While users should not expect a huge difference in feel or driving style, they will notice improved motor operation and lower ESC operating temperatures.

While Novak’s two new GTB models have been equipped to work with spread spectrum technology, all of the same great Novak features have been left intact, including six throttle profiles (5 brushless, 1 brushed). These versatile ESCs are compatible with all Novak 540-size sensored brushless motors, and have no brushed motor limit. A user-friendly interface along with 4 different color status LEDs make programming the GTB extremely easy. The brushless mode has 4 adjustable parameters, including Minimum Brake, Drag Brake, Deadband, and Minimum Drive. The brushed mode is fully programmable with all of the adjustments of the brushless mode, plus adjustable Drive Frequency. The GTB also uses exclusive lightweight MOSFET technology, which have the lowest ‘RDS On’ value, and which allows the speed control to have the highest power density.

In addition, the GTB Spread Spectrum Brushless/Brush ESC includes Built-in Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry, which monitors the vehicle’s Lithium Polymer battery pack’s voltage, and prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level (6.25 volts).





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