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GSR 260Z Sports FBL Assembly Kit w/ Eng and Blades

by JR (JRP988314)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • All-metal ASG90 rotor head
  • Duralumin made frame
  • Large 12mm main shaft
  • Factory-painted fiberglass stream-line body
  • HG clutch set
  • Spiral gears for increased durability
  • Fuel tank cap allows for easy re-fuelling
  • Carbon main and tail rotor blades included
  • Larger and more efficient cooling system
  • Includes Zenoah™ G26H gas engine and silencer


The JR® GSR260Z Sports FBL offers fans of gas powered helicopters the performance edge of flybarless control and more. Just like its trend-setting brother with flybar mechanics, the GSR260Z FBL offers smoother flight than ever thought possible. Robust duralumin-made frame offers a combination of strength and vibration abatement that will add to the fond impression you’ll come to trust when flying through the giant aerobatic maneuvers capable with this helicopter.

Because it’s powered with an economical Zenoah™ 26cc engine, reliability adds tremendously to the exceptional flight experience. Besides economy, the low maintenance aspect of this great-looking machine also has enormous appeal especially to the RC pilot wanting to grow precision performance skill sets.

Underneath the stylish fiberglass stream-lined body is a high-power Zenoah 26cc gas engine. The extra torque from the gas engine is put to use turning large 810mm blades which are included with the kit. Handling the load of the low-profile design are beautiful high-strength, all-metal mechanics JR is famous for, plus the GSR260Z incorporates robust helical gears for peace-of-mind and that also produces less noise.

JR is a name well known for ergonomics and that priority follows the helicopter line. A fuel tank cap makes for easy re-fueling, and a pull-cord for the engine makes startups quick. Plus the GSR260Z Sports combo package is loaded with standard features including the stunning fiberglass fuselage set.

Included items:
- Carbon 810mm main rotor blades (XB810)
- Zenoah 26cc gasoline engine (G260PUH-1)
- Muffler (JRM260S)




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