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Gemini Biplane Electric Kit

by Multiplex Modelsport USA (MPU214224)

Reg: $159.95

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Light wing loading for low landing speed
  • Designed to accept various motors and battery types
  • Can be completed either with an enclosed cabin or a simple windscreen
  • The steerable tailwheel provides great control during take-offs and accurate taxiing when on the ground

Needed To Complete

-Motor: 200 - 300 watt 28 - 36mm Outrunner
-Speed Control: 25 - 37 amp
-Propeller: 10 x 7
-Battery: 3S 2500mAh LiPo
-Servos: (4) HS-55
-Reciever: Mini 6S or Neutron 6


Biplanes have always held a special position in the history of aviation. Even today biplanes are still very popular, especially for aircraft which are required to combine agility, relatively low wing loading and compact dimensions. The distinctive biplane "look" also attracts many modelers to these aircraft, but in many cases they are frightened off by the considerable extra work and complexity compared to mono wing airframes. Not so with the Gemini ELAPOR model, which is quick to build, fast to rig, and available at a very resonable price, even with the suggested brushless motor power package. In comparison with models of "classic" balsa and film covering construction, it is downright inexpensive and infinitely more durable.




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