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Freedom Flyer Electric, RTF

by Megatech (MTC9941)

This item is no longer available, however we may have replaced them with newer versions. Please follow the link below to see the related product.


Product Description

Key Features

  • Powerful and efficient Speed 400 high performance motor
  • Super stable design makes first time flying easy and fun
  • 4-channel park flyer for beginners and intermediates
  • Can be looped and flown upside-down
  • High-density Dura-Plax construction
  • Just ten minutes from the box to the flying field
  • Comes complete with AC charger and Ni-Cd rechargeable pack

Needed To Complete

Before getting started you will need (sold separately):

8 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (Transmitter)


Freedom Flyer simply has all the right stuff required for a fantastic beginner to intermediate radio-controlled model. The combination of the high-lift wing and powerful motor, energized by the latest technology NiMH battery pack, get this sharp looking little airplane to altitude fast!
The Freedom Flyer's classic high-wing trainer design ensures great stability and reliable flight characteristics but goes one step beyond the basic trainer with it's more powerful 400 size electric motor, making it capable of some loops and some aerobatic manuevers.

The included PF4000 4-channel radio is of true hobby quality in that all the flight component: servos, receiver and electronic speed control, are separate components making this radio perfect for future use in other models as your flying skills advance.

A strong high-temper sprung landing gear means that the Freedom Flyer can perform take-offs and landings with ease, or can be hand launced if flying in an area of long grass or bumpier terrain. Flight times, as with most of these electric rc airplanes, vary around the 10 minutes.

The included instructional video CD in the package contains all the information needed to get you started with this model. Another great feature of the Freedom Flyer is the option to upgrade to 4 channel, with the special aileron upgrade wing - this plug and play upgrade ensures that the airplane is capable of some very smooth aerobatics, and better directional control.

As a first time model, the Freedom Flyer has all the characteristics of a good, stable trainer but it's also capable of more demanding flying for when you've mastered the basics, especially with the addition of ailerons.

Set Includes:
• Freedom Flyer Airplane
• PF4000 4-Channel Radio System
• NiMH Flight Pack
• AC wall charger
• Trainer Cable for Instructional Mode (Futaba, Hitec, Megatech)
• Manual




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