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Key Features

  • JR XR3i FM pistol-grip radio system installed
  • Professionally painted and decaled fiberglass hull
  • 26cc Zenoah® G26 Marine engine
  • Genuine Prather running hardware


ProBoat has just introduced a gas-powered boat that's gotta be one of the easiest and quickest boats to get ready-to-run. The first appearance of the ShockWave fired us up so much that others around us gathered to see what all the excitement was about.

This gigantic, ready-to-run 55" gas-powered deep-vee is beautifully painted in a bright yellow finish with a sharp trim scheme and a graphics package already applied. The quality of the fiberglass hull, running hardware, and layout/installation of the engine and radio equipment was among the best we have ever seen in a gas ready-to-run boat.

It took us less than 20 minutes to prepare the ShockWave for its initial trip to the lake. We installed eight "AA" alkaline batteries in the transmitter and four in the receiver, taped down the radio box lid, and filled the tank with premixed gas and oil. Minimal assembly is required of the included interlocking boat stand. You can literally buy this boat and some Zenoah 2-Cycle Oil (ZEN20001) at the hobby shop, along with 12 "AA" batteries, pick up some gas on the way to the lake, and have it running in less than half an hour!

The ShockWave comes complete with a JR XR3i FM pistol grip radio and two servos installed and preset at the factory. Zenoah's 23cc gas engine with custom-designed muffler is installed on vibration-absorbing mounts, plus the carburetor is preadjusted. Genuine Prather running hardware is already installed, including stainless steel rudder/rudder mount, strut/strut mount, trim tabs, Prather racing prop, and stuffing box.

Gasoline-powered engines have several advantages over nitro-powered engines. They require little support equipment and are economical to operate. All you need is a can of pre-mixed gas and oil, which is much less expensive than a gallon of glow fuel. In addition, gas engines are extremely clean-running, start easily, and run for a long time (20-30 minutes) on a single tank.

The ProBoat ShockWave comes equipped with a preinstalled 26cc Zenoah G-26M engine, one of the most powerful in its class. The Zenoah features a recoil pull-starter and a carburetor that uses a bulb-type primer for easy starting. Weighing in at 52.5 oz, the G-26M is also one of the lightest engines in its class and provides incredible acceleration. With a solid state ignition and reliable Walbro carburetor, the Zenoah G-26M has proven to be extremely easy to start, never needing more than a few tugs on the pull-start to get it going.

A push-button kill switch is conveniently located just behind the windshield and used to shut down the ignition. A 22-ounce fuel tank installed in the center of the hull (very close to the center of gravity so as not to affect performance with varying fuel level) features a screw-on cap that makes it simple to fill.

A wooden radio box (accessible beneath the removable rear hatch) contains two servos, the receiver, a dry 4-cell battery holder, and a switch. A standard JR Racing Z550 servo is used to operate the throttle, while a heavy-duty Expert SL800 series Monster FET servo handles the rudder/steering. To ensure positive control of the rudder, the linkage is comprised of a 4-40 steel pushrod and clevis. A Prather waterproof pushrod seal is used to keep water out. Both the receiver and its battery are mounted in precut foam.

We knew the ShockWave had a whole lot of potential the first time we put it in the water. The grins on our faces continually grew wider while trimming it out and learning how it handled in varying conditions.

On smooth water the ShockWave was a graceful performer. With a radar gun, we clocked the ShockWave at a consistent top speed of 35 mph, watching it literally eat up the lake. Acceleration from idle to top speed was accomplished in about 15 to 20 feet with no hint of cavitation. Turning performance of the ShockWave was phenomenal, as it could accomplish 10- to 12-foot diameter turns at full speed and head out almost just as fast with no tendencies of hooking.

In choppy water the ShockWave really comes to life by jumping waves, spending almost as much time out of the water as in. With its V-shaped hull, the ShockWave carves its own course through the rough seas.

Throttle response was excellent throughout the speed range. The ShockWave can run from a crawl to full speed without loading up or leaning out. And at just $899.95 suggested Street Price, the ShockWave is the least expensive ready-to-run gas boat available with a high-performance Zenoah engine installed. For an explosion of speed and much more, check out ProBoat's ShockWave.

Motor Size: Zenoah G23M
Boat Type: Deep-V
Completion Level: Ready-To-Run

Parts Listing

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Optional Accessories

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